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Heimbach is an obvious fed. He's said shit like this for a long time.

It's less about whether ot not we agree and more about the fact that dumbasses like him, Fed or not, make us look bad to normies and make it easier for them to ban us and fuck with us legally.

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    He's just preaching a type of 'Benedict Option' much like disgusting and extremely feminine Christians like Rod Dreher have preached for a long time. Now these options do have appeal and can work for some individuals but after decades of utter defeat, retreat and humiliation by Whites on the right it all rings so hollow. It actually doesn't matter where you run to because eventually they're coming for you and we need to confront them and organize rather than flee.

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    If only I could find that Pat Little 'The Tsunami is Coming' video... :(

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    He's not wrong about Heimbach. He's also consistent about fleeing the city: he did it himself, to some third-world post-soviet shithole. It displays a measure of cowardice and loss of hope. If Anglin's a demoralization agent, that's where he succeeds.

    But I'm surprised he didn't take the fat-feminine link further. Fat cells release estrogen, which leads to some of the same cowardice he's displayed.

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    Heimbach has become a federal agent. In doing so he has surpassed all 5 generations of his trailer trash family. Bravo to him.

    As for Anglin, he is too defeatist and his Christianity drives him to pacifism and cowardice. Christianity is one of the main ailments of the American right as the Churches relentlessly brainwash them to embrace multikulti and renounce the world.

    I think a big reason the European right is better than America is because Europe is much more atheistic and Christianity has largely disappeared from the mainstream consciousness. In the US, Jewish money and the puritan/southern baptist heritage has kept alive a large evangelical/lutheran church network.

    The churches were instrumental in getting white southerners to embrace de-segregation and getting Boers in SA to accept black rule.

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    This type of grug anti-Christianity makes me laugh. The most 'based' countries in Europe are all highly Christian and even France has a very hardcore Catholic population that plays a big role in right wing politics.

    In fact the correlation between lack of Christianity and an insane embrace of modern leftism is very high but somehow through your filter that becomes 'atheism is making Europe more based bro'.

    What a joke.

    Christianity has largely disappeared from the mainstream consciousness.

    Yeah how are those countries going where Christianity has faded away? Are they super based and White Nationalist or are they cesspools of degeneracy?

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    Christians can either choose to believe that jews are worshippers of Satan or disagree with Jesus.
    What a cringe religion.

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    Czechia and Russia are very atheist and are the most racist countries. Same with Ukraine and Belarus

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    Every country you mentioned suffered under communism. That's what left them skeptical to globalism.

    Note that according to the current text of only 34% declared no religion, and 45% declined to answer. Silence is also part of skepticism of the state. Whether or not they're silent out of principle or fear, it does not tell us that rational athiesm brought them to racialism or nationalism.

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    Russian Nationalism and the Orthodox Church are so intertwined as to be practically synonymous for most Russians. Christianity is still the majority faith there and God willing with the new symphony of State and Church the faithful will continue to grow. The 10 percent or so of people self-report as atheist are likely rootless cosmopolitans who live in Moscow and St. Petersburg and love Navalny and Pussy Riot. Atheism has nothing to do with Russia being right wing.

    Also Belarus is still majority Christian and Ukraine is overwhelmingly Christian according to the Wiki I looked at. As usual though for the anti-Christian with a hammer all they see is nails.

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    Its just that the role of Christianity h As been profoundly negative in the anglosphere. Plus, the Catholic Church today is one of the prime drivers of mass migration into France, Germany and Italy. Guillame faye said as much.

    One only need look at the pope.

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    Its just that the role of Christianity h As been profoundly negative in the anglosphere

    I think that's more an issue of the Anglosphere itself. One can find newspaper headlines from a hundred or more years ago calling London "The Capital of International jewry" (a direct quote, btw, too bad journoids aren't based anymore), and long before that you can find evidence of the influence of Jewish families in England and elsewhere (including France, just for one example).

    The thing is, blaming Christianity for being co-opted and subverted by jews (fun fact, the Bible literally warns about this exact thing and other kike bullshit repeatedly) is just as nonsensical as blaming other subverted things for being subverted. The issue is simply that forever throughout history, power has entranced midwits and low IQs, and Jews have weaseled their way into power for at leats the last 2,000 years, if not longer.

    Just as any group has a long-term goal, the jews have the goal, a cultural, religious, social, etc. goal that is almost impossible to eliminate form them and is practically hard-coded into their DNA, and that goal is "eliminate and enslave the goyim", and their favorite method of doing so is turning our best institutions, inventions, and natural qualities on us. They abuse our empathy to make us pander to invaders, they abuse our scientific prowess to poison us under the guise of health, and they twist and edit our belief systems, philosophy, etc. to make them say things they were never intended to.

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    Anglin has always been cringe and even moreso after he became Christian trying to latch on to Fuentes movement. I hate that Ron Unz started promoting his content on UnzReview. I don't know what his deal is and why this Jew who is not a white nationalist promotes someone like him. I know Ron Unz knows Anglin is trash and lowers the quality of his site. He seems to want to get all the popular white nationalist writers on his site, even the bad ones, but for what reason?

    In regards to Christianity, Christianity is less influential in European nations but right wing Christianity there is of higher quality. I have always been put off by the American Christian Right whether the mainstream or far right version.

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    How can anyone read this article and still defend a piece of shit like Anglin? Not that he is wrong to hate Heimbach and Spencer who are also pieces of shit. I hate all of these people, but Anglin is against then for the wrong reason. Anglin is a neocon piece of shit. Socialism, Islam and third world liberation movements are GOOD. Hail Dugin!

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    Didn't Matt Heimbach abandon WN and become a far-Left "anti-racist" activist?

    Was he lying then, or is he lying now?

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    The guy became a giant joke in the wn scene after the unpleasantness with his mother and father in law and had no friends and saw TWP collapsing right in front of him. There was probably no other choice for him if he wanted to remain relevant in any way other than to do a picciolini and become a 'former white supremacist now dedicated to fighting hate'. It's cheap, cynical and trashy but then again so is his entire career in the movement.

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    Does anyone have the link regarding Spencer starting a new religion? I really do not like either Angling or Heimbach to be honest. Very turned off by Spencer as well.

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    I think he's talking about Brahmin and his whole Apollonian shtick.

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    Oh I have not paid any attention to that. Brahmin's bloviating is a big reason why I no longer listen.