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Yet, neither Black Men asks themselves, why are they living in a White neighborhood if they hate White people so much?

Blacks like the things White people have, but they don't like White people. They think the good things White people have are completely separate from White people. The ideal for Black people in the United States is for White people to maintain everything in society and give them stuff while also not enforcing their standards on Black people. This is also why they won't go back to Africa, because then they would not have the good things White people have in an African society. The only way for this to work is for Whites to be a slave caste or a lower class that pays tribute to Blacks.

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The only way for this to work is for Whites to be a slave caste or a lower class that pays tribute to Blacks

As you mentioned, whites also have to enforce white standards, so this cant really work without whites having power and authority.

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using guilt to get what you want, Jews and blacks use Psychological manipulation very well.

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By the way, read the comments below the video. You'll find many more Black homeowners sharing their "real" feelings for their White neighbors.

One of them even points out that more blacks moving in, the less White people stayed.

As more Black people moved in the neighborhood through the years, my White neighbor finally moved away. He bragged to me one day about how he was moving out of the "crowded" city to the neighboring county. (Mind you, the city we live in is more like a suburb to a real city) What he was really trying to say was that he's moving away from all these Black people, because the neighboring county he moved to is nearly all White.

There's also this funny comment that says White families have more issues than Black ones.

I can relate I grew up in the Illinois suburbs. They always like to criticize but yet their families have more problems then ours. Smh

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You'll find many more Black homeowners sharing their "real" feelings for their White neighbors.

How do you know they are truly black people and not people pretending to be black?



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Because if it's a black person espousing liberal views it's probably a Jew disguised as a black person and if it's a black person espousing criticisms of blacks it's probably a black person. White people don't spend all their time going on the internet to impersonate other racial groups to sow discord. That's a Jew thing. (although it's not a bad tactic; maybe whites should look into the practice)

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Like Jews pretending to be black?

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Occam's Razor: Black people don't have a history of appreciating White people in any of their native countries (as presented by this thread:

It would be more suspicious to read comments that are the exact opposite.

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White folks living in any all-white region = white supremacy, White folks living in diverse region = white folks forcing their way of life on other races, White folks moving away from diverse region = racism

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All black neighbourhoods are available if you don't like it.

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They already tried that and white people bombed it with airplanes and burned it down, it was called black wall street in Tulsa, OK. Since then, blacks decided to build only awful slums, that way jealous evil racist white people wont destroy their neighborhoods.

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No need to dwell in pre 1960s past. Also you don't know about PG county? it's quite wealthy majoriy black neighborhood.

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"Prince George's County accounted for 20% of murders in the State of Maryland from 1985 to 2006."

Sounds like a nice community.

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The first search result up that came up when I googled Prince George County was a shooting that left two people dead.

Even in rich neighborhoods, the problems that follow blacks are inescapable.

The only positive I will say is at least their neighborhood looks clean. Lawns are maintained and garbage isn't littered everywhere. A huge step up from their African peers, too bad these Black communities are the exception instead of being the norm.

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Poor blacks. They can't live around anyone. They can't live around other blacks because they will get robbed and murdered. They can't live around whites because they will be forced to pickup their own garbage. Maybe the mexicans or indians will take them in?