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This is so stupid do they not know race is a social construct created by Europeans to justify slavery? Do they not believe in science or what???

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    Siphon Filter

    Nostalgia overload!

    Awyway, was the virus in that game race-based? I don't remember.

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    Probably the 2nd thought anyone studying genetics ever had.

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    White countries are like a mercedes benz left unlocked in the hood. Every nation has a government to defend them except whites. Their governments are actively devoted to harming their populations. Only Eastern Europe and perhaps Latin America that has governments that protect its white citizens.

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    Please China, solve the jogger problem. I'll literally bow before Emperor Xi.

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    Those weapons would be designed to kill whites. No one would bother to waste money on killing nogs. They can't militarily resist anything.

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    I highly doubt the Chinese want the world to drown in Africans.

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    This was a plot device in a Netflix show

    Aaron’s vice presidential candidacy comes under fire from the press, which questions his Mexican descent. He also faces pressure at the White House, and ends up arguing with Isabel. Kirkman and his staff negotiate an appropriate solution to an ongoing nationwide teacher’s strike, and Kirkman makes a decision about vetoing a bill. Wells and Mays’s investigation gets closer to who caused the bio attack, when they discover it targets people of color, suggesting that it was likely racially motivated. During the course of Kirkman’s day, Dontae films most of his daily schedule to promote his campaign. The campaign video is successful, but a conspiracy website suggests Alex's death was a presidential murder.

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    I've suspected that AIDS could also be bioweapon to wipe out all blacks but US stopped it in its tracks by deploying the cure.