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    Geez, chill man. I thought this was a debate sub.

    Blacks havent been negatively portrayed in this manner in the lifetime of just about everyone here, who are overwhelmingly millennials and zoomers.

    You know, there was a world before you were born, I know hard to believe.

    No it's not. One quick peek at your post history confirms this, and we see this kind of thing all the time from shitlibs(most of whom are disingenuous Jewish trolls) who abandon these drive by posts that are meant to troll, or who quickly become frustrated when their delusional bullshit laden alternative reality is confronted by facts, logic and current events.

    Please take more than a quick peek. Please review the extensive debate presented in my previous posts. Your assumption of my race is false.

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    How are blacks portrayed as poor, criminally skewed and untrustworthy?

    Did you watch any movie at all from the last 30 years?

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    Yes, the trend is changing and that is kinda the point. Certainly a better situation for black folks than what than catching 'Birth of a nation' or a blackface satire theatre. Agree?

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    Blacks are not "wrong" to want portrayals in art that advance their interests, just as whites are not "wrong" to want the same for whites. Every person and group should act in their own interests, and any conflict that arises from this is healthy and eugenic.

    The purpose of the Alt-Right is to get more whites to act in their own interests. For the last ~70 years, the White race has been committing racial suicide (immigration of non-whites into our countries, and laws that benefit non-whites at our expense).

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    Obviously there is nothing wrong with blacks being portrayed positively in movies and entertainment media. In actual news media people should be portrayed respectfully but accurately, regardless of race.

    The problem with what we are seeing now is that blacks aren't simply being portrayed positively, they are being portrayed as relentless victims of white hostility and aggression. There is even an entire hollywood horror movie genre in which blacks are imperiled by evil, sadistic, even demonic whites, as demonstrated by Hollywood products like "Get out", "Karen", "Lovecraft" and numerous others. I wouldn't have a problem with this, in fact I find it kind of amusing, except it's being taken too far along with overall relentless media narrative of evil whites victimizing noble innocent POC. This in turn has been driving real life violence, which the media then largely ignores or even censors. It's even helped spawn a new domestic war on terror, after the previous war on terror left the middle east in bloody chaos. With the same group behind the first war on terror driving this new domestic version.

    This isn't being done simply to bolster the self esteem of blacks, which studies have shown are usually already higher than whites and other groups. It is being done to demonize whites and incite hatred of them. While there are certainly no shortage of blacks who are more than willing to participate in this, it's primarily being driven by a different ethnic group entirely, one which wields enormous power in the media and hollywood.

    Blacks are simply being played against whites, who powerful members of this other group see as enemies and rivals. They could care less about blacks themselves, and this game they are playing will probably harm blacks in the long run. It seems to be helping to dramatically increasing the black homicide rate the last few years.

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    I don't have time for a full essay here but I would encourage you to take a deeper dive into the symbolism of the films mentioned.

    In Peel's 'Get Out" we are actually seeing a critique of liberal society. Take Rose for example. A "feminist" and "white ally" who quickly folds when the protagonists dilemma strays from her small minded narrative.

    Rose's family are the epitomy of clueless "Northern Liberals" who exasperate and most often perpetuate the problems of those they are trying to help. In this film they perpetuate these problems to a dramatic and murderous degree (it is a shock film at heart so license is taken as is the Hallmark of the genre).

    This narrative is (IMO) an analog to the idiotic white Antifa protesters "helping" black folks by literally burning down their neighborhoods.

    I have not viewed the other films. Honestly they look like trash production values so I kinda skipped over them for that reason.

    Did this make any sense?

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    The movie "Get Out" implies that White people want to take over Blacks people bodies because they are envious of their physical attributes. This couldn't be further from the truth. Liberals force white sensibilities onto non whites without noticing other races don't think the same way. A good critique of liberalism in a sci-fi setting is if one day they have the technology to change the outside of appearance of one's race. A plot point could be a huge push by the media and government to change one race to look White, non white or a mythical racial race to end racism but instead of ending racism it only reifies the differences between races because there are bigger differences between races than the outside appearance. People would still recognize race by cultural and behavioral differences which would be used as a form of identification of kinship instead of visual proxies. The ending of the film could be people reversing the medical procedure and being proud of one's race. Look you can do this plot without showing any race in a particular bad light and focus on points on contention being every day day interactions and behavioral differences. Maybe a big twist is that the average person felt socially pressured to go through with the medical procedure or it could have been forced on the people by the government.

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    Since at least the 60's and likely long before there have been positive portrayals that border on hagiographical of especially blacks in cinema. This idea that somehow what's happening now is just pushback against negative portrayals is a little silly. Blacks are so ever present in entertainment and advertising now that barely anything gets made without them present even in things like historical drama where they are completely out of place. This isn't blacks fault though it's the fault of Jews and whites.

    Ultimately though this whole question should lead you to the same conclusion myself and much of the dissident right holds: we need to have our own spaces and own places to produce culture for our own people. This whole thing just represents the utter insanity and unworkability of multicultural and multiracial societies. Inevitably in societies like ours every time you create art you have to be constantly considering the feelings of different groups -- except whites of course fuck their feelings and if they don't like a black Anne boleyn then they're a bloody racist. Every advertisement and work of art now is playing this weird role of therapising the different and often mutually hostile groups our elite has decided to import. That's not how a functioning society works.

    If we had our own nations and centres of cultural creation like normal countries do none of this would he necessary.

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      You should actually watch A Time To Kill if just to study it as a propaganda piece. I've seen it a few times and it's pure White liberal saviour catnip. In fact if I were a Black I'd actually be angry at that film. It's really ham-handed as well and the the way they portray the Southern Whites who killed and raped the black girl would be comical if it weren't so malicious. (Directed by Joel Schumacher and the screenplay was written by Akiva Goldsman. I'll leave you to guess their ethnicity.)

      The recent Joker film was, IIRC, also partly based on a real-life incident (the subway violence), where the assailants were made white for the screen.

      They even did this a bit though not entirely in Death Wish which was of course based on the real life victim of Black violence Bernhard Goetz. Hilariously one of the assailants in the film is played by Jeff Goldblum of all people. Law And Order is also notorious for taking 'ripped straight from the headline' cases and then turning the people who commit the crimes into Whites or Nazis or Conservatives or all three.

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      This is fascinating. I wonder if the writers of any of these plots have addressed these change ups publicly.

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      See our discussion of 'Get Out' above. It serves as a salve to this type of liberal garbage (IMO).

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      Further, if your race and culture were, for the most part, consistently portrayed in a negative light, would this not effect the overall esteem of your people and eventually take a psychological toll on them?

      Jews have been portrayed as evil for thousands of years, but that hasn't stopped Israel from being the 12th happiest nation on Earth.

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      Ever read the Old Testament or The Talmud? Who exactly is portraying who in a negative light there? Ever seen what they play on Israeli television? They're not exactly playing Der Ewige Jude on repeat they're watching Khazar Milkers nail a monkey depicting Christ to a cross and telling them He and Christians are the enemies of the Jews.

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      They're surrounded by neighbors who hate them and publish anti-jewish media regularly.

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      Wait, who's nailing a monkey to a cross? What the hell are you taking about? Please explain.

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      Yeah, that's messed up. Those milkers tho. Total mindfuck. I'm glad it wasn't a real monkey.

      Well, zealots gonna zealot. Every religion has them. The major flaw of "magic sky man" cults (IMO).

      Any other fun tidbits like this one you've got laying around?

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      It's not a show by zealots or for zealots it's a regular Israeli comedy that reflects typical Israeli attitudes towards Christ and Christians. This isn't extremist entertainment for Ultra-Orthodox Zionists it's a comedy show for secular Israelis. See the Chief Sephardic Rabbi's quotes on 'Goyim' as well which aren't reflective of some fringe position but a mainstream religious opinion within Judaism. You don't get to call the Pope's opinion fringe.

      These aren't fringe attitudes they're mainstream attitudes in Israel. The 'magic sky man' has nothing to do with this that's just a silly cope. Do you think religious Israelis are watching some slapper in a bikini?

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      This is some really messed up s#it.

      Israel really has there cake and eats it too.

      Would it be good or bad for Christians to have such raw and critical cultural output as this? Curious on your opinion.

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      Would it be good or bad for Christians to have such raw and critical cultural output as this? Curious on your opinion.

      That's a really interesting question. Probably not. Not saying that if I were appointed Minister Of Propaganda tomorrow there wouldn't be your occasional Jude Suss or film about the Rothschilds but ultimately you need art with a positive vision and things that are life affirming as well as things that are critical of others. Perhaps that's one thing the Dissident Right does get wrong a bit too often in having a negative focus.

      It's easy to be a critic but it's a million times harder to create. That's why one of the most important books to many of us is literally called 'Culture Of Critique' which is an analysis of Jewish cultural movements in the 20th century.

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      Take that video, Switch “Jesuh” with “Jews” and you have a typical alt right talking point. Both are often quite droll and come off quite crass. The typical far right 4chan post typically includes some jpeg of some juicy knockers even. For me, I agree the elements of European culture should be preserved and advanced as should all other cultures. This crass attitude debases and most often deters me from engaging, no matter who is making the point. I mean, the bikini lady is right to some degree, Christians and Jews just are not compatible. A crass display such as this is nothing but a turn off.

      There are much more productive organizations actually working to preserve and celebrate European heritage in much more engaging and friendly ways. I mean, here’s a rando example:

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      Sure crassness isn't for everyone but it's a useful rhetorical device for breaking down taboos and shocking people out of their dreary complacency hence its employment by the alt-right.

      I mean, the bikini lady is right to some degree, Christians and Jews just are not compatible. A crass display such as this is nothing but a turn off.

      Not really. Jews have been making crass displays about Gentiles and Christians and the things they hold sacred in entertainment for nearly 100 years and people still see movies. This is the type of selective distaste that really bugs me TBH. Imagine actually looking at this society and complaining that it's the Alt-Right that is too crass. Baffling.

      There are much more productive organizations actually working to preserve and celebrate European heritage in much more engaging and friendly ways. I mean, here’s a rando example:

      Yep and the group you mention has about as much actual power as your local Civil War reenactment society. Thanks but no thanks. You can't preserve your culture without having power. That's just how it works. Does the GAHMUSA have anything like the ADL? Do they work with law enforcement and government to enact training and legislative policy to help German Americans? Do they have the resources to monitor and harass people who say negative things about German Americans? Does GAHMUSA have a version of AIPAC where they lobby for foreign policy that is beneficial to them?

      God bless them I'm sure they're lovely people but they are not 'effective' at doing anything at all because if they tried to people with actual power would crush them and call them Nazis and such. They're allowed to celebrate Oktoberfest and maybe dress up in lederhosen once in a while and if you want to do that then fine but you need influence and political power to preserve your culture and interests. The rest is just playing dress up for fun.

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      Why do you think this is so? This is a pretty amazing statistic. Is there something to be learned from the nation of Israel?