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I think the dissident right needs to take the L on this one. Not saying it leads to the healthiest of lifestyles, but so far I've seen little evidence that homosexuality is acquired or associated with pedophilia. If we can't back up any of our claims with real statistics, our arguments will lose over time. I think the best thing we can do is give them an olive branch as long as they realize their place in the hierarchy. Pagan society wasn't fire and brimstone over it, so I think it would be unhealthy if we tried to force it back.

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First of all how many people have argued this in the dissident right? I have not seen this on amren, counter-currents (you can argue its a conflict of interest) or occidental-observer, Unless you are talking about Andrew Anglin and some twitter ppl we are not taking the L.

It is also not a unreasonable hypothesis, It is a fact that LGBT have higher rates of child abuse and higher rates of being sexual abusers. (see some research here their is a minor effect in the literature.)