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Its either nonsense or just virtue signalling. Its like how people say they wouldn't mind dating blacks or they have no racial dating preferences but their actions show otherwise. This issue is most glaring in case of housing, where white libs hop over a lot of fences to avoid living with their precious blacks

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I am coming to the conclusion that whites are going habe to go through this process, whereby they develop a "victim narrative," as right-winger Devon Stack put it, to get in group outgroup preference. If you watch old 80s videos for examplez there is a sense that blacks and whites could get along, bc the image black has was Oreo. Think for example not that one guy in one hit wonder Big Country, the drummer for the Cure (Andy Anderson) who dropped in briefly for Japanese Whispers. I do wonder if the indoctrination runs so deep that the critical mass of whites won't wake up. You would think what went down the past year would have done the trick, but so many, particularly young white women, continue to drink the Kool aid.

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Stop blaming white women.

Jews aren't Israelites and Jesus is King.

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I do not blame them alone. But women always go with the dominant group. Why do you think it is so many are are at BLM rallies?

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They are jews.
Nothing wrong with white women. Lovely bunch.

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Go watch Black Pigeon Speaks.He has a video on this.

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He likes to blame white women too and he is very black pilled. I don't like his takes

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You're first problem is watching anon Black Pigeon Speaks who has been exposed on various blogs and use to hang with the rebel media jew crew.

I won't say anything else other than to search his name on searx.

Read the New Testament.

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Instead of actually refuting the merits of his ideas, it is totally relevant that he once associated with a civ nat outfit with Jewish figures.

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What ideas does he spew. Can you remind me?

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He is spreading the ideas that white women are the problem of society. They are the root cause.

Jews are the root cause.

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Well that is what a Zionist Jew would spread and we know he hung out with Exra Levant's Jew crew.

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Every major urban area had tons of white women at BLM rallies and I'm quite sure most weren't jews as that wouldn't even make sense demographics wise. Coping about white women is tiring. 20-30% are just straight up against white interests and mind poisoned.

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Some Zionist Jews will always blame caucasian white women. They did it to black women when they were the profiteers of the slave trade.

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Spit some bars for us, Kanye.

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Even if a liberal poll were to accurately display the results of this question it would be inaccurate. The libs that answer, "Yes," don't actually want to live in a multi-cuck community but, they sure love to virtue signal!

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Bill Maher really say this shit? Meanwhile he is literally moving to Idaho (I think this was in a discussion with Jimmy Kimmell who is also moving there)

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The nerve of these assholes to celebrate the browning of America and then flee to the Whitest part of the planet. I don't know why I would ever, ever be surprised. They're probably like "our work is done here".

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Blond (Rebecca Hargraves) must be thrilled.

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Upper middle class? Sure Working class? No

It makes sense if you know about how well/badly working class immigrants and races integrate.

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There's no consistent answer.

Take a look at this map of New York City.

Queens is very segregated, but then the Bronx has a mix of everyone. Or look at Staten Island, which is majority White, but still has traces of Blacks and Hispanics scattered everywhere.

Compared to the 1950s (which had defacto segregation) I think it's fair to say Americans have accepted certain racial overlaps in their neighborhood but other social divisions exist.

Edit: By the way, don't take that map as proof that Liberals are right. It's actually proof that even after scrapping Jim Crow, they've failed to actually make every neighborhood in America diverse.

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Looks pretty segregated to me.

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Because White Flight isn't a thing. Look at any racial dot map and you'll see this is clearly not true. The vast majority of people flock together with birds of their own feather. There's a tiny fraction of portions of some cities that are truly multiracial, the rest of the country is homogeneous, i.e. Balkanized.

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I think it's like this:

  1. Most white Americans will say to a pollster that they wouldn't mind living in a multiracial neighborhood.

  2. What they really mean is that they wouldn't mind living with nonwhites who basically act like whites.

  3. There aren't enough nonwhites like that to go around.

  4. As a result, these white Americans tend to (but don't always) gravitate towards places with lots of white Americans.

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In my experience, rational people strongly avoid it, whether it's conscious or not