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Depression <-- you are here
Acceptance <- Your world never existed, but it can be constructed in your own image

Genesis 1

Pity those that still live in the old world, because you have years of a head start on them. You see what they don't.

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Go to youtube or bitchute and search - "Asha Logos" and "The Jolly Heretic".

Edward Dutton (Jolly Heretic) has a lot of interesting things to say. Look for yourself. There is a silver lining during all these madness. He explains it perfectly.

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He is probably the biggest black-pilled guy, have you read "modernity: a bio-behavioral perspective", spiteful mutant theory means we won't explore the galaxy or any other major civilizational endeavor. I struggle to watch him since he is so black pilling.

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He also suggest that these spiteful mutations are not reproducing at enough numbers and hence won't be able to sustain themselves and we will outbreed them in a few generations. As time passes, there will be more of us and less of them.

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maybe Dutton takes a different on spiteful mutant theory / SEAM then the originator Michael Woodley but he believes that it halts all real progress, he believes it is the scientific answer for the great filter and why their can't be any galaxy wide civilizations, see the chapter "biocosmic pessimism" and "enlightment never" in his book I mentioned ("modernity a bio-behavioral perspective").

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Yes, that is a bad thing. Edward also said so. He said our IQ will drop drastically and we'll fall into a new dark age since we won't be able to solve problems. That is a bad thing.

But right now, we must save our demographics. It might take centuries to retain our intelligence but we'll eventually get there. Right now, demographics is more important.

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I big time second Asha Logos. Love that guy. His presentation style is a bit slow but always worth the watch.

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The Golden One