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It's not a dichotomy as they're both inherently contradictory and will both just lead to dystopic hypercapitalist jewish oligarchies 'like Latin America' (and every western city).

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"Scientific racism" has the same progressive origins as the other things you listed. Only a materialistic society could give birth to a scientifically racist state, a state that treats the people as a herd to be bred, homogenized and improved for material purposes. And any racism that exists in such a society can only be scientific, as any sense of community or nationhood becomes impossible in such an environment of atomization.

So the second case would be preferrable, keeping in mind that "multirracial" can only be a transitory state as given enough time all populations will inevitably homogenize. So the traditional multirracial state would eventually cease to be multirracial, and become itself an ethnostate, though a non-white one.

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just because obsessing over biology is stupid it doesn't mean biology is irrelevant, you've gone so far into autistic reaction you've reverted back to believing in stupid liberal blank slate myths

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The Progressive Era in the US was actually the greatest time in American intellectual life. Most of our ideas came from progressives, not conservatives. Don't mistake those progressives with the cretins who call themselves progressives today.

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That's a false dichotomy.

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I can forgive someone for being nonwhite. I can't forgive degenerate leftist scum.

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i think i would rather die than live in either