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They were receiving major persecution from the Tsar.

The worst thing the Tsar ever did to the Jews was to try to force them to do manual labor. He gave them land and plows, and for that they wiped out his entire family.

Can anyone provide some info on the connection? Is it overplayed? Is it true?

Communist movements were extremely Jewish, especially before Stalin consolidated power (even though he cracked down on some Jews, they still had significant influence - his right-hand man was a Jew named Kaganovich). Jews made up 60% of the leaders of the German Revolution. Many other Communist leaders were Jews, including Lenin, Trotsky, and Bela Kun. Jewish Wall Street billionaires (Jacob Schiff, the Warburg Brothers) were also involved in financing these movements. "In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish."

Why does it persist even up to its current form of "Cultural Marxism".

This is a means of capturing Judeo-skepticism and converting it into support for mainstream conservatism. The far-left cultural shifts do follow the ideas of the Frankfurt School Jew Herbert Marcuse, but these cultural changes mostly haven't taken place in Communist or former Communist countries. This term obscures the corrosive effect of liberal democracy and free-market capitalism.

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Your reply illustrates the problem. The link referencing the German Revolution says nothing about the Jewish influence on the movement. Lenins Jewish origins are not verified by history and it seems he did not have a strong enough bloodline to be considered officially Jewish. Further the article concerning the Chinese communists only refers to one man. A far cry from 85 to 90%.

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The link referencing the German Revolution says nothing about the Jewish influence on the movement.

They're not gonna make that explicit on Wikipedia, but click through the "leaders" links, at least 9 are Jewish in the Early Life section.

Lenins Jewish origins are not verified by history


and it seems he did not have a strong enough bloodline to be considered officially Jewish.

He was at least Jewish enough for automatic Israeli citizenship. Moreover he met with Chaim Weizmann to discuss the overthrow of the Romanovs years before the revolution.

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Started with Rosa Luxemburg from the list of leaders. Honestly, she seems pretty fucking amazing. From a quick glance it seems she was WELL within her rights to oppose the Tsar's annexation of Poland. Fuck that shit. So have a lot of reading to do.

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I got a book on Rosa Luxemburg, the first socialist I ever read about too. An interesting, Strong, and Independent woman.

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at least Jewish enough for automatic Israeli citizenship. Moreover he met with Chaim Weizmann to discuss the overthrow of the Romanovs years before the revolution.


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Lenins Jewish origins are not verified by history

Despite undoubted pressure to say otherwise or to avoid the subject like the plague, it seems to be largely acknowledged by historians that he was at least 1/4 Jewish. His own sister even stated this. 1/4 Jewish means he would be considered Jewish under Israeli law and allowed to immigrate there.

Lenin's extreme philosemitism was unusual for Russians at the time, and Russian Jews were notoriously insular and hostile towards goys. They were far less integrated than say German Jews, which may partially be why the red terror and Soviet genocides that followed were so bloody. That Lenin would be so enamored with, trusted by, and surrounded by a group that normally had nothing but contempt for non Jews would seem extremely odd. His Jewish ancestry explains this, along with his ruthless hostility towards Russians and near total disregard for their lives.

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20,000 Jews were in the Bolshevik ranks by 1921. They did not comprise 85% but they did front most of the prominent positions in the commissariat and Cheka.

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What is the concrete evidence for the Chinese Communist Western Jewish volunteer claim, is it just the writers word?

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Someone would have to order the DVD for the film to investigate further, so I'm not sure.

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Go straight to Jewish sources for the information don't take us evil SS 'scapegoaters' words for it.

Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism is a fantastic book when read from a WN perspective. The book was intended almost to be a love letter to Jewish revolutionaries but properly read is one of the best indictments of Jewish participation in some of the bloodiest and cruel 20th century radical movements there is.

Also Slezkine's -- who Kevin MacDonald draws heavily from in CofC -- Jewish Century is a good place to go although I've only read a few chapters and it's not all about Jewish involvement in Communism.

Also try 200 Years Together by Solzhenitsyn which is a good takedown of the black myth of 'Tsarist persecution' and contains analysis of Jewish involvement in Bolshevism. There's various bootleg copies on the net -- at least of the chapters that have been translated.

I'm sure the first two books could easily be loaned from your local library or from the Internet Archive.

Why does it persist even up to its current form of "Cultural Marxism".

Cultural Marxism is just a silly term conservatives still use because they refuse to name Jewish influence -- you'll not disagree that the Frankfurt School was ENTIRELY JEWISH will you?

What is the goal of the Frankfurt School? Well it's to cultivate the opposite of the Authoritarian Personality. (As an aside the book was first published with the help of the AJC. What a coincidence!) What type of person is that? Well they're liberal, sexually adventurous, lacking ethnocentrism, lacking religiosity, alienated from their family etc. Why did the Frankfurt School seek to cultivate the conditions in which this type would thrive? Because having the opposite of those qualities makes people 'fascistic'.

So why were they so afraid of people becoming 'fascistic'? BECAUSE IT'S BAD FOR JEWS.

'Cultural Marxism' properly understood is merely a set of values and ideals designed by Jews to effectively neuter an outgroup they find threatening and render them unable and indeed unwilling to resist Jewish power. It leaves people robbed of both the inclination and even desire for self assertion on a group scale but pathologically addicted to self-assertion on an individual scale. No single person can ever beat an army.

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"Go straight to Jewish sources for the information" This, always this. There is a biography of Trotsky by a Jewish Marxist Isaac Deutscher is his name. It exists on libgen. And there is a book which Paul Gottfried praised; The Politics of Nonassimilation: The American Jewish Left in the Twentieth Century.

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As many people have noted the Daily Stormer reports the exact same stories the Jewish Daily Forward does using the same facts the only difference is The Forward approves of it and DS doesn't.

You don't need to go to fringe, quack 'far-right' sources to learn what Jews do they fucking tell you.

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Exactly, I often read Haaretz on foreign affairs. Good stuff.

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The Communist Party of Greece was created entirely by Jews of Thessaloniki to undermine the war effort of the Greek state when they saw that their plans to claim Thessaloniki as an independend Jewish state failed.

Their leader even became an MP in Israel later on.

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Lol, many Jews were in the highest ranks of the commissariat. Read the books Esau's Tears and 200 Years Together.