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Yeah, I was also surprised with a series I watched about ISIS sympathizers in swedish ghettoes, although the protagonist was a "strong woman" type and the plot quality average at best muslims and especially blacks were portrayed very badly. Every single black on the show was a disgusting thug you couldn't ever sympathize with, and muslim women were basically all shown to be dumb as rocks. The swedes were all good looking, intelligent and morally superior. Such a show would cause boycotts and riots in the current US atmosphere.

I've also noticed German productions are almost all white despite being degenerate af. The non-whites are usually turks, who are way less annoying and sometimes even look good. And then there's based Italian movies, they usually don't care AT ALL about making fun on blacks and pointing out how obviously alien they are to europeans. Most are very funny btw.

I'd say the obvious reason for this difference is the fact that Euro cinema (except french) is dominated by Europeans, Jews simply don't have the numbers there to completely take over the industry. Euro movies are definitely way more watchable than anglo crap now and honestly less dumb.

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(except french)

France is clogged with Jews my god. They have about 500,000 of them. Now a large portion are not Ashkenazi but the Sephardic tend to be very sleazy

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There are LOADS of "french" negro-worship movies. Coincidentally, you will find the directors are invariably jewish. Also the ones promoting pederasty and borderline pedophilia. How funny that the higher the jewish concentration in an industry, the more rotten and filthy it becomes.

Europeans, even if they're liberal or leftist, have a tendency to want to create aesthetically pleasing things. Europe is by far the most beautiful continent, that's not a coincidence. Jews, on the other hand, seem to like grotesque "deconstructions" and just plain ugliness. Fascinating pattern.

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And yet they have the biggest nativist movement in the West.

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That's probably a result of having so many Jews. They've reached critical mass and just can't take it anymore.

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I doubt that. France always had a strong right-wing tradition.

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Do they? I think Poland has the largest nationalist movement in the EU, or italy

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Poland is not Western, and Italy is a close second.

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Poland. Italy waa taken over be masonry and ZioFascism.

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Have some info on freemasonry? What are they actually avout?

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Martin Shorts book on UK and his detailed chapter on Grand Orient P2 lodge Masonry, Michele Metta's book on the P2 lodge affiliations with neofascist Zionism, Mossad and their complicity in the assassination of JFK as well as the South and North division of thr Scottish Rote in the US signing an ANTI-JFK pact in letter form between the P2 lodge. For a Catholic persepctive 'Behind Closed Doors' by Reverend Fischer or Catholic ecumenicals.

One of the better books on Freemasonry is by David Hackett's book called 'That Religion in which all men agree.'

There is a plot against Christianity, no doubt, and it revolves itself in one Masonic wing, possibly under the auspices of B'nai B'rith.

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Britain is by far the worst in Europe on this issue and seems no longer able to make anything no matter the context or setting without "diversity", and just like in America diversity overwhelmingly means black. It doesn't seem as bad in continental Europe.

I was recently thinking how unique it was that Vikings has remained diversity free despite being an American production. I think it is co-produced with a European production company may have helped avoid this issue. There is a new version being made for Netflix, it will be interesting to see if it avoids the diversity cult.

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for Netflix

Hard no

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Vikings did have a season with a female "chinese slave" doing a bunch of sex scenes but that was cringe and they called it off. If I'm not mistaken it's actually a Canadian/Irish coproduction

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If it was a Chinese woman playing a Chinese slave then I don't see the issue. The issue is when they cast non Europeans to play European parts.

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How far have we fallen. Now simply a historical drama set in medieval Europe with all-white cast is considered a victory for us.

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We need racist Hollywood.

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I also realized they falsely add black characters but practically never Hispanic, Asian, etc.

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Bridgerton is disgusting trash. They got a little white girl that looks 10 years old and a black dude that looks 50 and half the show is extended sex scenes. British show I believe but Netflix of course shoves it in everyone's face.

Euros are cucked as hell also.

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and half the show is extended sex scenes.

Every bloody show today seems like that. I'm no puritan but is it too much to ask to watch a show without graphic and pornographic levels of sexuality included?

Kind of a sign of the times. People don't have families that much anymore -- especially that all important 18-29 demo they covet -- so the art they consume has just become porn with complex story lines. You couldn't watch it with your family.

(Old man rant over!)

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75%-90% of Hollywood period pieces have completely inaccurate costumes and/or history.

For more, I can recommend some YouTube channels that are critical of the costume and/or historical accuracy - or just discover them yourself.

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It's not so much historical inaccuracy I find irksome -- though it doesn't help -- it's the reasons and ideology that underlie the ridiculous levels of insertion of minorities in to these period dramas. It's not an artistic choice in most cases it's a deliberate imposition of a worldview.

I can accept people making artistic choices or even just choices brought about by necessity. That's fine. But this is not the same thing.

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It's one thing to be lazy with the costume research and/or try to revise it into a palatable sense of fashion - it's another thing to completely misrepresent history, often when there's abundant narrative evidence. Fudge this, dramatize that, tweak it for a compelling story - but far too often they're deliberately misinforming people to push propaganda narratives and social engineering.

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Not only do they do the diversity thing with Shakespeare plays where I live -- less and less are being put on as well and more 'new artists' are putting on awful plays -- they just flat out tell you 'We're editing out these problematic aspects of the play.'

None of them seem to comprehend how utterly mental that is but they brag about it like it's moral and sane.

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It's moral and sane if you're brainwashed, like anyone who has dogmatic faith in government, corporations, the media. experts, or religion. Systems for oppression.

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Because of budget though.

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That could excuse a few, but not so many.

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'The Great' on Hulu is the same shit. Let's have every good character be black and every villain be white. I think it all started with Hamilton.

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English is the Devil's tongue.

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Could be some truth there. What's the old saying something like 'The first Whig was the Devil?'