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Nothing like a good schizopost to start my morning, thanks OP

Advice: Only a fraction of the AR actually cares about theology and are definitely not going to sit down and watch an hour long video by an unknown youtuber breaking down one guy's opinion. Jewish behavior, not scripture, are the main reasons the dissident right doesn't like Judaism. Your post also breaks rule 4 as you provided no summary. Try doing that next time instead of raging autistically in the thread when no one wants to watch it

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Cope hard NEET.

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The OP, who I believe is Southern Israelite, deleted the posted video. He unabashedly uses his NEET card, like some supremacist Jew of the Lurianic sect, arguing his superior intelligence.

Also, you call yourself a Christian, but you do not act like one.

SI: total meltdown! Cope hard neet!

Brother Augustine: Southern Israelite May God bless, illuminate, and save you. 1 month ago

SI: @Brother Augustine This is a no cunt zone fuck off

What a nice guy!

I was looking forward to watching your video today. My contention focused on the first 8 minutes of your video. I watched around 20 minutes before I went to bed. What I do know is that Southern Israelite might be Jewish or Hebrew, he promotes the absurd theories of rabbi Antelmen and Barry Chamish; he said in the opening minutes of the video that the JFK assassination was a hoax, and for that reason, he contends, Israel could not have had anything to do with his murder. Yet, he argues, because researchers contend, with evidence mind you, that elements within Israel helped to orchestrate the attack, like they did on 9/11 (Read: FBI's 'TwinBomb' investigation ; they knew what was up) then Jews should be fearful—that another holocaust is in the works.

Only a Ziofascist Jew would try to conflate all of Jewry with Israel LLC. That's what S. Israelite just did.

Now I cannot watch the rest of your video because you censored your own work.

Also, this is funny:,00005a57ffffa5a8-k-c0xffffffff-no-nd-rj

What I can say, is this. That S. Israelite is totally right about contracting and commercial code. That the US Government is a corporation. But his contention that the JFK assassination was a hoax is hilarious.

The Zapruder film had frames removed before it was released as part of the deal. Your whole contention relies on these missing frames, where you argue that they switches real JFK with a fake JFK in-between those frames. Gove me a break.

Read Michelle Metta's book. All the evidence shows that there were groups of people, with sundry ideologies, who conspired to assassinate JFK. That included the Irgun, Mossad, pro-interventionist masonic CIA, P2 lodge, CMC-Permindex, and World Brotherhood Incorporated. It was not Jesuits or Catholics, except for the masons that infiltrated the church.

The Kennedy's wanted to make the Zionist Organization of America and AIPAC a foreign agent. They also were fervently against the nuclearization of Israel. I have seen Israeli shills say that nukes are a hoax to cover-up the fact that that was a primary reasons why Kennedy was killed. Also, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., the loser who in the 90's in Foreign policy mag. advocated for an all out war against South WEST ASIA, wrote a biography on JFK where he mentions that JFK called Jews kikes. Some of the stuff that JFK said was astounding, even by anti-Jew alt-right ideology. I can see why Israel LLC hated him.

If you travel to Israel and go to the JFK memorial, what does it look like? It looks like a tree chopped down. In other words, his assassination sawed off any ideology that was contrary to the corporation of Israel.

Your contention that Bill Cooper was a disinfo agent, well yes, of course. He was in naval intelligence. Half the people that come out of there get into propagating conspiracy theories as disinfo agents. He probably was covering for the navy which also had a hand in the assassination.

Favorite video:

Wants $100 for every video.

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I am not SI, you've watched my other videos how can you think we are the the same person? You're rambling about some tangential issue.

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Okay, my mistake. You use NEET as an ad hominem just like Southern Israelite does in his YouTube comment section. So, I suspected it was you. My mistake.

I did wish to watch the entire video, too bad.

That "tangential nonsense," is not nonsense. It's important. Someone who thinks the JFK assassination was a hoax isn't worth my time. I had wished to watch his video because I agreed with some of the things he had to say, so that's too bad.