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First 5mins of video is schizo. 8 mins in uses ad hominems and reductio ad absurdums; claims that JFK assassination was a hoax, as in, it DID NOT happen. Simutaneously, attacks Guyenot's character.

Hilariously, tells his listeners that because the assassination is blamed on Israel, even though, to him, it is a hoax, it's the Jews fault and warns what is to come for the Jew for researchers blaming the assassination on Israel. Guyenot, of course, blames the assassination on certain Zionists in the Mossad and the CIA.

So why are you conflating Israel with Jewry. Not all Jews are Zionists for Israel.

This sounds like the theories of Chamish and Antelman.

Besides all of this, Guyenot's thesis on Yahweh is illiterately flawed.

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Total butthurt.

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Ad hominem.

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Still watching. I'll write something up soon. I do agree with some of the contentions made in this video.