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How do you reconcile your beliefs the fact that half of young whites are pro-globalist or leftist

Because I don't take the opinions of zoomers seriously. They are in, or just got out of, institutions of anti-white and leftist indoctrination. All of the education system andmedia is heavily propagandized and this affects adult whites too. Most zoomers (and most people) are ignorant of basic facts - such as race and IQ, race and crime, or Jewish media dominance. Many of their beliefs - like on races being "equal" in intelligence or whatever - are simply falsifiable and based in total ignorance

Trump lost the election because of WHITE MEN

A lot of whites who didn't vote for Trump were ones who recognized he was a con and wouldn't do anything for them - not because he was "too far right." A sizeable portion of the DR didn't vote for him because he did nothing, abandoned his base, and sucked off Zionists for 4 years

From my experience YOUNG WHITES are the ones who are most "woke"

"in your experience" - anecdotes are not evidence. Regardless, whites are the target of establishment propaganda, and as a consequence we can expect them to hate themselves and have maladaptive opinions and beliefs

How do you expect to win any conflict if you have less than half of whites on your side as well as all conservative minorities

I'm not worried about a "conflict" against soyboys and trannys. The US isn't a solvent country, this election demonstrates that. Whatever happens, If white leftists don't want to join us in some hypothetical ethnostate, then they don't have to and can leave. We don't want them anyways

your genocidal wet dreams?

You're obviously very emotionally invested and hyperbolic, just like I would expect a leftist zoomer to be. An example why I don't take their opinions very seriously

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From my experience YOUNG WHITES are the ones who are most "woke"

"in your experience" - anecdotes are not evidence.

This is a great example of not understanding per capita, perfectly in alignment with your observation on them having a complete misunderstanding of genetics and intelligence.

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Contemporary mainstream social/political currents means that you cannot love your race

Big take here.

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genocidal wet dreams

This. This is why zoomers are deluded, because they, like you, have naively swallowed the propaganda that we are genocidal maniacs when in fact WE are the ones being genocided. They always pull this trick, accuse the right of what the left is doing. Whites are the ones disappearing, not Blacks, Mexicans, etc. Understand?

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Hispanics are becoming a red constituency and blacks are slowly shifting red as well. Southern Texas as well as Florida are actually on the verge of becoming republican.

How did you get this conclusion? Because Trump got 8% black female vote instead of 4% like in 2016? This is the red shift you have in mind? Democrat support of non-whites have not changed since 2016. There is no "red shift", Florida , Texas or let alone southern Texas won't go red. Stop with this baloney and get back to reality

From my experience YOUNG WHITES are the ones who are most "woke" and most leftists I encounter are young whites or sometimes Jews. I have NEVER met a single pro-BLM hispanic or Asian in real life, but too many my white zoomer friends are total virtue signalling idiots

Well, your experience is unsurprisingly wrong. Whites are least likely to support BLM out of all racial groups. You don't encounter leftists hispanics because you don't encounter hispanics at all most likely.

And Trump's support among 18-29 whites increased since 2016 so you are wrong on that too.

Also, you seem to think that Trump lost 5% white male vote because they turned into shitlibs? No, they didn't vote for Trump because they think he is useless. They are all either wignats or Spencer-like retards.

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And Trump's support among 18-29 whites increased since 2016


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This seems to be a particular Anglo problem.

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It is definitely an uphill battle given that, much like yourself, many young people have been convinced by one of the most sophisticated and well funded propaganda campaigns in the history of mankind that any White self assertion is akin to a 'genocidal wet dream'. It's worked on you just as it has worked on so many of our younger brothers and sisters but we'll keep trying. Life is struggle.

Things can change so rapidly though. History proves this.

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What makes you think "pro-globalist" or "leftist" whites would have any part in an ethnostate? They can continue to live in Diversityville as they like.

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Why do you think our beliefs are contingent upon whether or not non Whites vote Republican?

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While it's true that he did worst with white men this time around, he still had 57% of the white vote (so more than Biden) and did better with white women as well. He did better with Blacks and Hispanics relative to 2016, ok, but what proportion of Blacks and Hispanics actually voted for him? I believe he received like less than 10% of the black vote, and probably something like 25% of the Asian vote. It makes no sense to say he lost because of white men ; if the nation had only been made up of white men he would've won handily, and if it was only made up of non-whites he would've suffered a crushing defeat.

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Blork3ds been coming out with all kinds of alt name posts lately. Still its worth addressing the points.

First off as the election proved. Polls are a complete joke. What people SAY and what they DO or think anonymously have proven to be very different. There is an incredible level of media fueled societal pressure on whites to renounce Trump and express support for the media narrative, and its obvious a lot of whites are literally(and understandably) afraid to say what they truly think, even in polls. So I dont really take exit polls any more seriously than I took the pre election polls(which were proven to be bullshit). Also, a lot of whites oppose Trump simply because they find his personality insufferable. This is part of the problem with Trump. His support comes almost exclusively from hatred of the left and woke politics. He is an avatar of woke opposition, so support for him depends on whether his obnoxiousness outweighs your opposition to the woke antiwhite agenda.

You do make good points in that pro BLM hispanics are virtually non existent outside of those that feed at the J-media/academia/lobbyist trough. The same with Asians. Whereas there ARE lots of whites that truly seem to hate themselves, especially among zoomers who grew up in a climate of unprecedented hostility towards whites and had no real choice but to mimic the hatred or become a target. That's not news. It merely proves what we've been saying all along right.

As for your repeated posts under alt names about some hypotehtical "conflict" or civil war in which we'd supposedly be facing an army of lefty whites. First off that's not how a future civil war is likely to take place. It wont be some battle royale with two opposing armys facing off. Secondly in the limited scenarios such battles might take place, lefty whites would crumble if they ever faced the prospect of having to die or suffer for their beliefs in large numbers. What would they be sacrificing for, the right for blacks to publicly berate and humiliate them in public for eternity? Look at the disaster Seattle's CHOP zone was. Would anyone want to go to war with THOSE people around you? A leftist coalition would fragment and collapse even absent any fighting.

The whites that opposed them however would be be a hell of a lot tougher, more fanatical and loyal, and a lot more self reliant, and more likely to be from rural and military backgrounds. Ask anyone who served in the military how much better rural whites are at fighting. Its not a false stereotype. Urban soyboy lefty whites dont exactly strike fear into the hearts of anyone, despite all their bellicose social media posturing and willingness to run with a mob and swarm on some unlucky massively outnumbered people they come across. They are witch hunting bullies to be sure, but while antifa weirdos that might be good for charging at people they outnumber while high as a kite, they would be utterly militarily incompetent in a sustained fight.

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Ban or ignore their dissent. Their opinions don't matter and they shouldn't. The state I imagine is only the cream of the crop voting.