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  1. The offspring of a Swedish woman and an Australian aboriginal man is not more attractive than a Swedish woman. I know this simply from being around Swedish women. What does "while yours will be lacking" mean?

  2. You only need one mate. Plenty of available partners within your own race.

  3. You can learn that in a million ways.

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    According to whom? It's objective and not superficial as far as I know.

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    There is no data or any objective standard to say that one race is more attractive than another. There are objective "beauty" standards that exist in nature but none that have anything to do with race.

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    I disagree. This is based on experience, it is obvious certain groups are more attractive than others.

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    disagree. This is based on experience, it is obvious certain

    You do understand personal doesnt account for data, right? And also who people find attractive is highly subjective, i know its a meme but it's true. Just because you dont find someone attractive doesnt mean they're objectively unattractive

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    I disagree. Swedes are more attractive and beautiful than Australian aboriginals; this is an objective fact.

    If I go to a Strongman contest and I see a man pull a semi with only a rope, I am impressed by this feat and it is measurable. He has proven himself stronger than the rest. It is the same when I see a beautiful woman, I am impressed and we can contribute it to Mother Nature, herself, if we wish. It can be her feat, her creativity, her whim. But it is as real a feat as the strongman that pulls the semi. It is measurable by the positive feelings it creates inside me. As objectively true as the man who lifts more weight than the other to prove himself stronger.

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    If you say that Swedes are OBJECTIVELY more beautiful, outside of cultural preferences, then do you have any data to substantiate your claim?

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    The positive feelings it creates inside me. This is the evidence.

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    Diversity is fine, forced diversity is not. I, as many others have no intent of "changing your mind."

    4) Hot sex.

    Besides, we have no way of changing the mind of a cretin, beyond a lobotomy.

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    Theres no such thing as forced diversity

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    Here's some hate facts

    White-Asian children are twice as likely as Asians to have mental illness. Source: “Nonwhite daters gain status by dating any White. Whites, on the other hand, have little to gain by dating minorities.” Source: White/Black babies are less healthy than White babies. Source: Mixed race couples are more likely to have stillborn babies than same-race couples. Source: Black-White children are more likely than both Black and Whites to make poor decisions. Source: 90% of women who have a child with a Black man never marry the father. Source: 77% of women who have children with Black men earn less than $10,000 a year. Source: 98% of White women who have children with Black men are not financially supported by the father. Source: The average White woman who has kids with a Black man earns $7250 a year, excluding welfare. Source: 97% of White women who have children with Black men have used welfare. Source: 97% of Black fathers who have children with White women are not active in their children’s lives. Source: Race-mixers may give less parental support to their children because of greater genetic distance. Source: 97% of interracial (Black man, White women) children are born out of wedlock. Source: White-Black couples have more partner violence than White couples and as much violence as Black couples. Source: Bias against miscegenation is likely biological in origin. Source: Interracial marriages have a 23.5% chance of divorce, compared to 13% for same-race couples. Source: Mixed race kids suffer from low self-esteem, social isolation, and poor family dynamics. Source: Mixed race children are more likely to have health problems, high stress, smoke, and drink. Source: Interracial couples devote less time to maintaining their household than same race couples. Source: interracial people cannot receive organ donations. Source:,8599,1993074,00.html Asians who marry outside of their race are less educated than Asians who do not. Source: 90% of White women who have kids with black men are unemployed or earn less than 10K a year. Source: White women who marry minorities tend to be poor and to “marry up” in socioeconomic status. Source: Slim, slender, athletic, fit or average White women are 7x more likely than fat White women to refuse to date Blacks. Source: Better educated men and women are more likely to exclude blacks as romantic partners. Source:

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      This is factually untrue, you as a white person are closer to your mixed race child genetically than you are to some other white. You would have to demonstrate that this absurd claim is the case.

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      To play devil’s advocate, your children being less related to you than a random person of your race isn’t necessarily an unviable reproductive strategy. You just have to produce twice as many children for the same number of copies and breed into a population where your children will have more chances to reproduce.

      If you move into a low average IQ tribe and get 50 wives there, there is a good chance your whole genome will be carried on.

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      1) is wrong, 2) is pathetic, 3) whatever, who cares, and 4) is not an argument

      It's absurd how someone can even say that "best of both worlds" bullshit, as if evolution has predictive capabilities so it picks optimal genes.

      It's also damn funny when they claim like there's no genetic basis for race, but always bring up that mixed-race kids tend to be taller and smarter (neither of which is true), while they ignore various health issues which are more prevalent within mixed-race children.

      It's almost as if these garbage pop-sci mags have some agenda 🤔

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      What geneticists call race is very different from what you would call race. From a genetic stand point the product of an Irish person and Polish person would be mixed race. Same as a black person and a white person since the genetic differences are simply phenotypical.

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      I used to be a white nationalist until I came across this post. Hot stuff right there. 😎😎😎

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      he's right. cya fellas

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      1) I can combine the best characteristics of both races into my offspring while yours will be lacking.

      Like African Americans? Most of them are mixed race yet I wouldn't say they have much going for them besides sports and then not clearly in any way better than Africans. I honestly think AA are typically uglier than Africans as well. The great race mixing experiment in the US produced a group of people who are typically violent, with lower cognitive ability than their white progenitors, and are often disliked even by other Africans. Most of the Americas are a huge race mixing experiment and the results are not encouraging for basically all the mixed race groups.

      This idea really doesn't have any basis. There's no evidence race mixing produces an individual with the "best" characteristics of either group. It probably stems from the idea of hybrid vigor but this doesn't really exist with any consistency in animals.

      2) I've increased the pool of women I can date.

      If your goal is to just fuck as many women as possible then I can't really make any argument against this although I would encourage you to reconsider your values in life.

      3) I can learn about the world of another racial group.

      You can do that without having sex with them nor do I see why this is a major boon, it's more like a trivial interest unless you for whatever reason are seriously invested in adapting to their culture.

      4) Hot sex.

      This is some coomer brain shit. If having sex with an attractive white woman (which is the average non fat white woman) or a woman of whatever race you are is not "hot" enough for you there's something wrong with you.

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      Hot sex.

      Asian pussies are tighter, that's true. Lmao!

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      More shallow and tighter.

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      Gay troll , but I'll take the bait. 1 is wrong, hybrids are fragile and instead of having 100 IQ kids you get 90 IQ kids. 2, 3, and 4 are degenerate and stupid. QED

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      Outbreeding causes genetic issues the same as inbreeding does, knocking up a jogger is no better than knocking up your sister. And if you're not in it to have kids you're just a hedonist sex addict.

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      In an ideal world I don't have a problem with race-mixing as long as the main ethnicity of the tribe is not threatened. Let's say a white guy went to live with some South Pacific islanders, joined their tribe, assimilated, married one of their women, that's fine. A bit of foreigner in their gene pool isn't going to pollute their entire race. And the chances of that becoming a serious problem are very, very slim, due to in-group preference. However, since Whites are being bred out at an insane rate, a rate which I don't believe has ever been seen in history, we can't afford to mix now right now.

      To be honest, I think a more in-depth discussion on race-mixing is long-overdue.

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      You haven't made an argument as to why people shouldnt race mix other than an instinctive fear you have.

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      Because the result is a raceless mongrel who is torn between two peoples and are more prone to numerous health issues. Nature has a way of punishing these things.,8599,1993074,00.html

      Far be it from me to tear apart two people who love each other, but having kids between them is a whole other topic.

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      That sounds pretty reasonable

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      See Heidi Klum's kids with Seal.

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      1) No you can’t. You can only get a mix of half of each. Some of the combinations will be beneficial to your offspring but most of the time they will only be half way there if not detrimental per se.

      Breeding an ubermensch would require a proper program crossing a huge population of the same mix in order to segregate a desirable combination. What are you going to do with the inferior specimens?

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      I can combine the best characteristics of both races into my offspring while yours will be lacking.

      Or you can combine the worst.

      As for the rest, obviously the current situation with white women isn't doing them any good.