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They won't even bother because they'll just say this is rayciss and you are rayciss and they don't waste energy debating mean nazzy boys.

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They will never logically realize that they're wrong.

Their positions are not based on logic in the first place.

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This is meant for useful idiots who aren't too far gone yet, rather than the full on seething SJWs.

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That's not totally true. There's a class of leftists called rationalists or Sam Harrisites, who can derive some pathetic explanation for everything.

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They will never logically realize that they're wrong.

Their positions are not based on logic in the first place.

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All of these can be answered from a left wing perspective without contradiction. It is only under the neoliberal perversion of the left that these seem contradictory.

1) Transwomen are men, so the Muslim woman is in the right.

2) Congress would be 100% male.

3) Marxist theory advocates abolishing police and replacing the police force with workers militias. This would occur after a fundamental restructuring of society. Idiots took this idea of abolishing police without understanding the theoretical basis behind it, and ran with it. There is no point defunding police in a capitalist system.

4) There is no racism against Asians. Asians migrated to Western countries under very similar circumstances to Italians, Irish etc. Some Asians are just really desperate to bandwagon on the race politics train on the basis that they have slightly more melanin that white people, showing their own fundamental misunderstanding of racism. Everyone knows they don't belong but, like the trans, no one wants to call them on it.

5) There is no sexism against men just like there is no racism against Asians. This can be explained by historical circumstance that cannot be summed up in a concise paragraph.

6) Those three are males and this scenario is another example of sexism against females- ie the only kind of sexism that exists.

7) Tech jobs are objectively superior to sports jobs. The fact that black men are pushed away from fields like tech and into things like sports is one example of racism in society. I also don't think software CEOs are directly responsible for hiring people.

8) Because there is no racism against Asians.

9) Slavery was one aspect of colonialism.

10) Africa was the hardest hit/ most exploited by colonialism.

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Out of curiosity:

Marxist theory advocates abolishing police and replacing the police force with workers militias.

What would be the practical difference? What would workers militias do or not do that would distinguish them from police?

Tech jobs are objectively superior to sports jobs.

I agree, but would like to hear your justification for this.

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...knocks pieces off chessboard.

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There for a moment I thought 'send_nasty_stuff', was asking us to debate all of these topics in a single thread. Talk about having cognitive dissonance, my brain was about to go on strike.

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The first example happened in Canada and the transwomen lost the lawsuit.


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I will answer from a Critical Theory perspective.

A transwoman goes to a waxing salon owned by a muslim woman who is religiously against sharing intimate space with a man. The transwoman demands to have her penis and balls waxed. The muslim woman refuses. Who is in the wrong? If you were a judge of this case, what would your ruling be?

Which decision helps uphold straight white male hegemony, and which decision hurts it? I think the decision should be to rule against the Muslim woman, but to word the ruling in such a way that emphasizes how wonderful her Islamic faith is, on some technicality. Alternatively, to rule against the trans woman, again on some technicality that he was being insulting towards Islam or something. Whichever decision is made - to blame white supremacy for the situation ever occurring.

If congress was 50% cis-men and 50% trans women (MtF), would you agree that it had a good gender balance?

No. In order to right historical wrongs, there must be disproportionate representation of minoritized groups. Women have 50% here only, but a mix of 10% cis men and 90% trans women (who are just women) would be more equitable.

Today, the City of Berkeley voted to halve the police budget. If you could examine any data from Berkeley in one year's time, what data would you examine to assess if this decision was good or bad?

We have to look at the data. This is very important. Let's take the crime rate - if it goes up as a result of this decision, this shows that we have more work to do in combating the systemic inequalities caused by our white supremacist system - abolishing the police entirely could achieve this. If it goes down, this shows that we have more work to do in combating the violent crime caused by policing in our white supremacist system - abolishing the police entirely could achieve this.

If the criminal justice system in the USA is so racist, why do asians get incarcerated less than whites?

Asians are white-adjacent. This means they gain many of the benefits of white supremacy because they act in a white way according to their own internalized white supremacist nature. They are still oppressed by white supremacy of course, but only by reckoning with their complicity in white supremacy and anti-Blackness can we achieve equity.

BLM says that the disproportionate incarceration and police killings of blacks is evidence of racism. Do you think that the disproportionate incarceration and police killings of men is evidence of sexism? Why or why not?

Racism is all around us, perpetrated by whites at the expense of Blacks. Similarly, patriarchy is all around us, perpetrated by men at the expense of non-men. The disproportionate incarceration and police killings of men is evidence that men are corrupted by patriarchy. It's evidence that men disproportionately commit hateful, violent crime against non-men in our white supremacist patriarchal system.

A women's 100-meter sprint race is held. The three finalists will receive a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. All three winners are pre-op transgirls. The 4th, 5th, and 6th place are cis-girls. They complain. Are they being bigoted?

Yes, absolutely they are being bigoted. Their hate is obvious - this is transparent transphobia. But to another point - awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars as the result of a race is extremely problematic. It's potentially the most ableist thing I've ever heard (consumed, sorry ableism).

The NBA is majority black. Do you think this is evidence of racism among coaches? Most software companies are majority white. Do you think this is evidence of racism among tech CEOs? Explain your two answers.

We live in a white supremacist system. Black bodies are used for entertainment by white NBA coaches. This oppression and exploitation of Black bodies is absolutely evidence that we live in this white supremacist system. Black NBA players uphold a white supremacist narrative that Blacks can succeed in society if only they try really hard. Their existence helps uphold white supremacy.

Software companies are mostly white - this means they can perpetuate whiteness and white supremacy through their biased decisions in writing code. In order to make this equitable, we have to hire Black bodies to work in these fields. White hegemony in software must end!

Black people tend to do poorly in standardized tests compared to the national average. BLM says this is because of racism. Why do Asians do better on standardized tests compared to the national average?

Again, Asians are white-adjacent. They benefit from white supremacy. Standardized tests are racist because they perpetuate racial inequity. If a test gives lower results for Blacks, how can anybody defending it be anything but a white supremacist?

BLM often says that the reason that black people commit half the violent crimes in the USA despite being about 13% of the population is because of our history of slavery. However, black people in countries without slavery like Sweden or Japan have similar violent crime rates to US blacks. Why do you think this is?

Slavery is but one symptom of a system of white supremacy. White supremacy oppresses Blacks worldwide - not just in the US. Of course we see Black oppression manifesting itself as the voice of the unheard in countries like Sweden and Japan. Blacks are oppressed according to their truth - we can tell how oppressed they are because of the amount of crime they commit.

The British brutally colonized Ireland, killing millions of Irish- so many that the population still hasn’t recovered to its 1800 level! The Japanese brutally colonized Korea and Taiwan. Today, Ireland, Korea, and Taiwan are successful and wealthy. Why do you think that other former colonies like Congo, Zimbabwe, and Haiti aren’t successful today?

Ireland, Korea and Taiwan are successful and wealthy because they are considered white or white-adjacent, viewed as superior in our white supremacist system. The Congo, Zimbabwe and Haiti are viewed as Black, non-white, "other" and so are oppressed. You can tell they are oppressed because they aren't successful today.

I hope that clears up your questions.

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Why do they hate us so?

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This is fucking brilliant. Someone needs to do a graphic that can be disseminated on twitter, etc. It is a knockout blow against all the usual talking points, in one fell swoop. Right up there with "Islam is right about women" or "Gilette was not selling razors with misandry, but selling misandry with razors."

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Did you fall asleep on your keyboard?

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Fixed. I do know how to spell and write, but do not do so well on mobile devices....

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Fixed. I do know how to spell and write, but do not do so well on mobile devices....

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No worries. I do that quite often. Mostly if I'm in a comment storm before my morning coffee is done brewing.

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Don’t know if you are trolling or not because these questions are ridiculous.

1) No, trans”woman”= xy male. All day.

2) No. still 100% male.

3) not researching this.

4) ditto.

5) ditto.

6) Males, x3. Xy all day, every day.

I’m finished.

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It's not for us, it's to get people to think. Nobody really believes that trans-women are real women, they just ignore it. These questions force a person to come to terms with that and admit the truth at least to themselves if not publicly.

The later questions target the narrative that modern day blacks have it bad primarily because of slavery, and that on average they are just as intelligent and have as much potential as any one else.

If framed as a question, people become less defensive than a direct argument and are much more likely to really think about it.

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these questions are ridiculous

That’s the joke.

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Haha brilliant!!!

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It's not good at generating cognitive dissonance. (The opinions below aren't all my own)

  1. A trans rights person could say that it's not about man/woman it's about lack of training, and would probably say that if it was a post op trans person then they are 'no different' from a woman and the Muslim woman is a bigot. These people believe that even gynecologists can't tell the difference and therefore it's a difference in opinion, the same as refusing service a christian.

  2. A trans rights person would say that's an even gender balance.

  3. You'd assess a wide range of data, including volume of 911 calls, total deaths, and police violence.

  4. There's more than one kind of racism. Racism against black people is different to racism against indigenous people and asians. Each is based on a specific set of stereotypes/beliefs/history/demographics. We perceive asian people to be overly academic and emotionally distant, but we perceive black people to be violent and dangerous. Asian people also tend to live in different areas and have different socioeconomic problems.

  5. No. Men genuinely commit a greater proportion of crimes. There is evidence that white people are given lesser sentences for the same crimes. Women are sometimes given shorter sentences, but in some crimes such as killing a partner women are given significantly longer sentences than men.

  6. A trans rights person would ask about hormone blockers, and then say yes they are bigots. Same as if lesbians won. They genuinely don't believe there is a difference other than testosterone.

  7. No. You can't train a short person to be taller, but you can train people to be better at IT. Inequality in industry is an example of difference in opportunity, not in natural skill.

  8. As said about, there are different types of racism directed against different races. You can be taught to do better on IQ tests and standardized tests. They're not a measure of natural intelligence.

  9. Source for this? In any case, they would say it's more about poverty.

  10. Its not just about numbers dead but the impact on the land, the natural resources, the people and culture.

So, you've really done nothing to challenge any pre-existing belief. There are other, better questions that you could ask. Like:

-if sex and gender are different, why are people with a male sex trying to get into the female sex's sports teams based on their gender identity? That's be like my trying to get into a junior sports team because of my hair colour.

-If there are lots of different genders, in what way could a gender ever "match" a sex? If no gender "matches" a sex, then isn't everyone transgender? If they do "match", why do only two out of the spectrum of gender have a match?

  • If being transgender is based in being uncomfortable with your physical body, and surgery resolves that, why do they change their names and dress? If it's about what you do and wear then why do they need to get hormones/surgery? Why do the two always go together?

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You're assuming normies are heavily trained on gender theory, cultural marxism, progressive stack, critical theory. They're not. Those questions will absolutely cause dissonance in half or more of liberals and non political types.

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These are very good and all but as others have stated, they will always cope by dodging the question entirely or coming up with an indistinct and vague non-answer they ahve been tarined to respond with. It's like arguing with a vending machine that just ate your dollar, you aren't going to get anywhere.

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Agreed but sometimes you have to play to the crowd. You're not going to win everyone but you can certainly convert some.

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Indeed. I'm sure if you dragnet this around in a large campaign you could change a few minds, but I wouldn't get your hopes up for a large turnout, many are just too brainwashed for something this simple to change their minds. Many of them would have to see our ideas applied in real time and the positive effects on society for them to really change.

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Or maybe they just need to see the Starbucks they live above get burnt down by 'peaceful' protestors.

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That's true, especially for the ones who are only in it for social acceptance and shit like that where they don't really care/aren't invested in the "cause"/dogma of BLM. Once things like that start happening they don't bother to rationalize because they don't care that much and start to say "oh shit, I shouldn't be supporting this, even for social acceptance".

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All I asked was, if Trump is so terrible, why is RFK, Jr, so of the scion of American progressivism, nephew of the hero of the left, in his administration?

I lost two friends on that question alone.