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Damn that's low and just imagine half of Gypsies are lower than that. No wonder they've develop such a superstitious culture based on theft and lies. There's no other way they can survive.

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It varies by country. In Bulgaria it is 65, 2/3 Gypsies are mentally retarded

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We have to be extremely skeptical of anything coming out of academia - and by that I mean academia is going to have an extreme egalitarian bias in these things. This is a meta-analysis so is using older data, but I'd be pretty concerned given the current situation that things like IQ testing by race could simply be banned outright by these journals, since any evidence that contradicts the egalitarian dogma counts as "hate".

In order to be sure that the data are being collected correctly, we're going to have to do it ourselves, with our own institutions.

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But the study itself contradicts the egalitarian dogma. 74 avg IQ is even lower than Black Americans. Are you saying you think that's an overestimation?

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Are you saying you think that's an overestimation?

Yes. I didn't make myself clear - I think it's important to remember even in cases where the evidence contradicts egalitarian dogma, that it still may be tainted by it. If a study confirms your preconceptions it's easy to forget that academia still has an incredible egalitarian bias.

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That is considerably lower than India, which is quite interesting. I think inbreeding would explain a big part of it.

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They are descended from an untouchable caste back in India. They weren't sending their best.

I can believe the numbers. Growing up, they'd drop out of compulsory education around 10 or so if they even showed up to begin with and nobody even tried to get them to come back. Probably because they were a danger. The mixed ones maybe made it to high school.

Generally, though, they show some ability to follow some basic rules. While they are often involved in killings it is mostly Gypsy on Gypsy violence.

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They were exiled from India of all places for how repulsive they were, that's how bad they are