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No one knows, but voting republican is worthless at this point, so not sure why you're even asking. Republicans support black lives matter, open borders, and gay tranny butt bandits.

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If the polling is anything to go by (which is always dubious), its making less people want to vote Republican. Trump looks weak and ineffective for doing nothing but tweet "LAW AND ORDER" and do a little stunt at some church, regardless of whether its the state's or the federal government to enforce stability. Couple this with the corona recession and general "Trump fatigue" as his stunts have becoming boring to the average person and people realise his 2016 idealism was just rhetoric.

Maybe the debates or Biden's VP pick will save him, I'm unsure who will win this year, but people should definitely not be overconfident about Trump winning.

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...or will the coronavirus panic-demic this year cause more people to vote Democrat? Tune in this November to find out!

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I don't know, when faced with the truth normies either double down on their views or get redpilled. Accepting reality is realy hard for them for some reason. I guess there's some truth in the saying "the truth hurts".