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Stop expecting fairness from the Left. These 'people' are an enemy nothing more. It is up to us to protest against it, just pointing it out changes nothing. We need to take action. If you live in the US begin writing letters to your congresspeople and senators expressing your disdain towards what reddit did. Begin mass messaging Trump on Twitter to get his attention. Get Tucker Carlson's attention, Trump has shown that he bends whenever Carlson calls him out. Do not expect fairness or honour from a Leftist, we are at war with them and to fight back we have to stop playing by their rules and expecting them to bend.

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See my update, I get it, it's not about dinging Reddit to Spez, it's about pointing out their hypocrisy to normies. All SM is basically anti-White at this point.

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Yes and we need to spread this on their subs aswell.

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I've been trying to post this all over reddit to what ever smug bug man who will listen. I can't believe that redditors aren't more pissed about this. What a bunch of Soy addicts.

This is how I picture the hands of most people are reddit that act like this isn't a big deal.

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Just came from the /r/SubredditDrama thread about the banwave and there were some people there who seemed legitimately upset about the new policy.

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Wow, this announcement is a trainwreck. Was likely written by their newest affirmative action hiring, and it's showing. I think it's actually a good thing that these companies are filling their boards with incompetent joggers and being forced to give them power, it will make them collapse more quickly.

The official announcement thread is a nice read, btw. It is barely upvoted and there is a lot of anger boiling over. People aren't taking it.

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Pierce predicted this

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I used to think some of the predictions of a certain book by Pierce were to absurd to be true, but now reality has even outdone it.

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The official announcement thread is a nice read, btw. It is barely upvoted and there is a lot of anger boiling over. People aren't taking it.

good news; use it.

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It's pretty great.

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This might not be a bad thing, if openly anti white hatred is allowed, the people who despise us on the platform might get bolder and there's a possibility that it will red pill white normies who probably the biggest group of reddit.

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It's up to us to directly intervene and show it to them.

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90% of the media is anti-white.

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protect groups of people who are in the majority

Waiting for r/Sino to be banned for denying ongoing genocides against ethnic minorities in Tibet and Xinjiang.

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I agree, and hate it, as someone who is libertarian center-left and is against hating anybody or any group. I do hate some concepts though, like racist discrimination, including that which was just officially allowed by Reddit.

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If you're a libertarian, do you not believe people should be able to discriminate for whatever reason they choose?

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Good point, as long as it's in a form that doesn't violate the NAP. I still heavily disapprove of it though, and prefer to avoid doing business with businesses that discriminate against people, especially if those people are costumers, which I would consider to be a borderline NAP violation since it may push out other businesses that would otherwise serve them while refusing to serve them themselves, specifically important in areas like food and healthcare. I'm not sure refusing to bake a cake for a gay marriage should be illegal, though, if I'm being honest, since no one is going to die from not eating cake with the right plastic figurines, and it is not impossible to bake one's own cake if no alternative is available. If they are discriminating, though, it is likely they would want to discriminate against me as well anyway, since I am also gay (or maybe bisexual), mixed black/white (and since we are not on Reddit, I can admit there can be discrimination against both depending on where one is), and on the autistic spectrum, which people sometimes discriminate against, but thankfully usually mildly in my experience, so perhaps I am doing them a favour by not doing business with them. Smart businesses will accept everyone and get more money, and hire whoever is most competent regardless of whatever group they are in and become more productive.

Edit: As for other forms of discrimination, violence like lynching is DEFINITELY a NAP violation, as well as police violence. I would consider those more of a separate issue from discrimination though, that is unfortunately sometimes caused by it.

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what if instead of "businesses" people organized economic activity around the economic needs of those who were part of their kinship network? would you consider that an act of aggression?

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imo racism was always a code-word for anti-white. doesn't mean I don't prefer cooperation with others because I recognize that.

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Women are the majority...

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and whites are a minority in SA.

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Can it be ruled that they're discriminating against Whites under US law?

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We're in a bit of a bind. These companies abuse the 1st amendment to claim they are "just exercising their free speech" while using it to censor and shape discussion. The tech companies have all the power; the government is relatively impotent (unless the tech companies approve of the government's actions, of course).

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what about anti-trust stuff? Hasn't stuff like this happened in the past? The government does have the power to regulate these companies, doesn't it?

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The government has the power to regulate these companies, but who controls who is in government? The people. Who controls how the people vote? The tech companies. Who controls the tech companies? A tiny handful of individuals - Zuckerberg, Wojcicki, Brin, Page, Dorsey, Bezos, Cook. Even their own opinions are fed back to themselves in a loop thanks to social media. The tech companies would never allow the government to regulate them unless it benefited them in some way (by crushing their competition, for instance).

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Hm. I think you have a point, but this analysis also sounds overly defeatist imo. As others have pointed out, movements have survived censorship before.