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    Undercut. High and tight. You'll find loads of modern images online.

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    "Long on top and front, shaved with a 0 on sides and back." You can also get a picture of what you like and just show it. I did get a one while working in Germany but even then I think it roused suspicions.

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    Heinrich Himmler

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    No, just keep your normal look.

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    Except that has been my normal look, wondering if I need to modulate a bit... Dk have a concent that Fred Perry's have gained a bit of notoriety...

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    Honestly dude, own it and let them get nervous that they saw an evil fash in public. I had people give me the stink-eye when I used to walk through bad areas in a hard hat for work. Work on getting out of the city before worrying about your wardrobe. If you have to feel like you're wearing a disguise all the time (moreso than hiding your opinions) your morale is going to go into the tank.

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    Fuck it, come on down to Texas. We'll treat you right.

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    Texas is going blue, stop encouraging people to get complacent. We're running out of places to run, we need to be strategic about our territorial choices.

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    Right, but there are lunatics everywhere and J tho k it would be wise not to be too controversial or conspicuous in appearance, although I can foresee a time where if you do not look like some Antifa mutant, you are going to have problems....

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    I'd say no, but I understand the idea. A haircut is just a haircut and a shirt is just a shirt, unless it has an explicit message on it stating otherwise. How people perceive it is up to them and everyone view things differently. Shouldn't have to be a people pleaser but if you are concerned about your safety, I'd say wear some no brand clothing that doesn't stick out. It can make a difference if you wear a dress shirt or similar in an area that is low income, it's an eyesore for many people and it could be seen as provocative. Be streetwise

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    Say no as in the question in the title, ie no, need to blend in? I have never really been afraid of confrontation or of sticking out, but things feel different now... This has a religious fervor to it...

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    As in no, I don't think you should change anything. I agree, it does feel like everyone is after you now like some sort of deranged cult, simply for being white. I'm not sure changing attire will give us any more protection. If anything, pretend to agree with their rhetoric if confronted.

    Honestly don't have an answer. I've pondered similar things, I'm worried that I'll get attacked someday soon.

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    Well, I all think we censor ourselves to some extent. There is this German aggrotech band called Feindflug. I love them. There is a t shirt based off their song Stukas im Visier. Love the shirt, wanted to get it, esp to workout in but no don't think so...

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    Grey man. You don't want to be noticeable at all.

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    Just go with the look you like or what's appropriate. I have long hair and wear metal band shirts. It works great out in public (mostly). And I were what i need to for work, while tying up my hair. I even were NSBM shirts when I get the chance.

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    Yeah just trying to asses how overt Fred Perry's would be as a (perceived) political statement...