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It's not time to jump ship. It's time to make as many accounts as possible. Make them waste their time and money chasing us around.

It's quite easy to avoid being banned on reddit, just don't use slurs. I Goebbels-post all day everyday and I've only ever received a 3-day ban and that was unrelated. It was just because I reported a thread as off-topic in a big sub, but it was a shill post so they just banned me lol.

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Actually, you're right, we shouldn't abandon reddit. But we should definitely increase our presence here. Right now it's possible to avoid being banned as you say but there's no guarantee that e.g. the mere mention of IQ, anti-whiteness, Jewish power etc. couldn't get you an immediate ban in the future. We need somewhere where free discussion can take place without fear, and where we can find each other. I'll be posting in both places.

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Wow, this place has 9,000 subscribers? How is saidit for general activity compared to the traffic of based subreddits in their prime?

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There's quite a few posters here, looks like a lot of normies as well judging by some of the comments, it's not all our guys. I think the 9000 number might be from a while ago, I doubt most of those users are active since the sub has seen very little activity (until just recently).

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I started the sub awhile ago as a placeholder but saidit auto subs all new users on the site. So those numbers are artificial. I've tried to talk to /u/magnora7 about it. I want our sub count to be a genuine reflection and not just a recording of how many people have joined saidit in the last few months. My s/altrightwebm sub has over 15k subs and I can guarantee you most of those users have no idea the sub exists.

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Yeah it true, but we're not going to reset the numbers, sorry. Any new subs you make won't have that feature though as we disabled it about 6 months ago, so you can make a new sub and it will have a genuine count

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Thanks for the update.

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Richard Parker, aka Tiki Tiger.

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Welcome to saidit, Richard. Let's make this place flourish!

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das right

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Does anyone know what happened to the old /r/debatealtright?

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It's just in private mode for a few days to attempt to duck reddit censorship ban waves.