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Fucking hacks4meth i bet

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nah. I know what brought it about. but chat was also a problem recently.

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Chat is lame. Why don't you guys like jabber?

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too much commitment.

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What did they do this time?

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I think someone was impersonating a mod and i do not have time to babysit right now. Once this hurricane is in open water going away from us I can spend more time watching.

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seriously, its not a nice thing, but i consider this sub even more private than any other reddit sub, we still stick to the usual " dont blame anyone untill you can prove hes 100% guilty"-thing here?

i mean, theres a difference, anyone would notice between the usual scammer messages, and some real advanced ones.

if this is just about the chat at all, ban it for ever. i never understand all the commitment @ reddit at it, as it was always, (ok, 90% of the time disabled, damn you forlol, i always think about you, marry me!) useless shit

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You know you love my chat

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Without a doubt these streets are rife with corruption

Young minds get corrupted and so easily fucked with

Only leads to destruction in the end; false assumptions

That people have your back makes you believe they're your friends

Although some represent; no one can be trusted

One double-O percent cause some thugs will go to lengths

To get revenge

Even if it means manipulating youths to carry skengs

And do the dirty work for them

The kind of work for men

That are with the darkest pasts

Not impressionable young children that never had a chance

Growing up in these manors most are doomed from the start

Cause the minds of their peers are as ill as their hearts

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whats this have to do with the chat (?_?)