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Each to their own, but my only experience with meth, were people in proximity around me. They thought all was great too, but between the bugs they kept picking out of their skin, their wondering gacked nature, and their propensity to do some really fucked stuff, well I had to move on, and now I stay away from anyone that looks to fit the bill.

I only mention this to you, as it takes a while, perhaps a year, or two, or a few more, but it eats your brain I guess.

On that note, last story, one guy I knew that was high on meth, soaked his wife who was trying to leave him, in gasoline. He stopped to drink a beer, or some shit, before the final torching of her in their home. She took this opportunity, and ran for help, but he was hold up on the roof with a cross bow, and actually shot someone, then swat was called in.

I mean, take it as something else, but I think at least in meth, that's what you could be looking at in the future; that, or no teeth.

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Yeah, meth people are weird. Around here we see granny meth heads. Crazy shit.

All drugs need to be handled with a little caution and common sense. Know when to say when.

It's a fun drug though but not for everyone.

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Caution and common sense? I spent 15,000 lab hours cooking meth. I didn't go to bed for 3 years!

Look at me, I'm fine - now Ive spent 32 months in bed in prison.

I don't like the look of that van over the road, though.

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I tried "spice" in prison. It's OK, but we get urine tested.

I've never seen as many drugs as in prison! The places are full of old-school street drug dealers. Its like being in an engine shed in 1965 with the last of the steam engines.

Why would anyone buy drugs off a stranger called "mad dog", with no reviews and no escrow, face to face on a dark alleyway? But that's how its done 99% of the time.

We must take some responsibility for the slow uptake of DNMs