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Yeah, meth people are weird. Around here we see granny meth heads. Crazy shit.

All drugs need to be handled with a little caution and common sense. Know when to say when.

It's a fun drug though but not for everyone.

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Caution and common sense? I spent 15,000 lab hours cooking meth. I didn't go to bed for 3 years!

Look at me, I'm fine - now Ive spent 32 months in bed in prison.

I don't like the look of that van over the road, though.

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I tried "spice" in prison. It's OK, but we get urine tested.

I've never seen as many drugs as in prison! The places are full of old-school street drug dealers. Its like being in an engine shed in 1965 with the last of the steam engines.

Why would anyone buy drugs off a stranger called "mad dog", with no reviews and no escrow, face to face on a dark alleyway? But that's how its done 99% of the time.

We must take some responsibility for the slow uptake of DNMs