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I wouldn't say I browse it but I try to keep an eye on /s/all/comments especially to find unhappy users like now

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You ever have any questions or comments feel free to let us know.

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Okay! Could someone hypothetically buy stem cells or human growth hormone on the dark web? Breast milk? Placenta?

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hgh for sure, hcg as well. The rest I haven't seen sold at all. Basically though, anything that people will buy can be sold but all markets limit like poisons, weapons, cp, and stuff to actually harm people.

I don't ever see a market for breast milk or placenta or stem cells. You want drugs though, now that is another world. To be able to safely buy drugs of any kind (mostly) and get it shipped to your house is a dream come true. My wife and I have had some wonderful experiences that didn't include waiting on shady people in scary neighborhoods.

So hypothetically, you could get anything that someone is willing to sell. Market forces come into effect such as supply and demand. No demand means no one is gonna supply it. No supply means no one will be able to buy it (see mxe for example).

Good question and it is very interesting. I spent a year in 2012 just amazed and looking at stuff before actually diving in to this world.

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You can get the breast milk on the clearnet actually. Not illegal. And women are donating it to help out others.
Info is a google away.