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I already tried and was downvoted by the other mods.

edit... plus the whole pornography rule thing sucks the air out of the thought.

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Damn, pushed down by the man again smh

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No. Y'all go look at dicks somewhere else.

How about a nice kitten or a puppy?

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I have kittens on my front patio from the outdoor neighborhood cat. Can we do puppy pictures instead?

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Yeah, I got 3 cats and wish I had zero. Puppies or bust (maybe bunnies?)

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i have more cats inside. mamma whore chose me, the sucker. I would be good with pet rocks really.

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I got our first cat at a service call years ago because the kids were little and kept talking about getting a dog, which we couldn't because our back yard wasn't fenced. I thought that it would be a good idea to take this little kitty home to stop the dog talk. Well that fat joker just sits around and does nothing now.

My second cat was because we started taking shit loads of xanax and somehow we ended up with this damn cat that pissed in the air vents at first then was just a retarded asshole after that. She is now pretty cool.

Our third cat followed us home from a drunken walk and we've had her ever since. Poor people that owned her probably wondered what happend. Oh well, she's ok I guess.

We also have a guinea pig because I worked too much...

Never getting another pet (at least an indoor pet).

Might get a nice lab or golden retriever type of dog when we get to the mountains.

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I got my first cat because she liked me more than her owners, she brought the kittens and i couldn't say no. Except for one that i managed to get rid of luckily.

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So say we all