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Trillions of dollars lost in Pentagon scams.

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I wonder if they included the $1 Million dollars that that crazy kid in chat got stolen from him by go1dfish / the federal operatives over at notabug.

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It can join the list if it's reported here:

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Lol. I wish that place wasn't botted by an add company now.

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I wonder how many trillions have already been lost due to all the Covid Scams.

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$20-$30B is lost every year to phone scams, but that's not as important as crypto scams.

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I was targeted through YouTubes 'recommendations'. A LIVE video was presented on the homepage of YouTube ( This video was being streamed by a user/channel impersonating the company Tesla.

This LIVE video suggested there was a Bitcoin raffle / giveaway taking place. The stream had 30,000+ viewers, and several thousand 'likes'. Because of these attributes, I was deceived into believing the raffle was legitimate.

YouTube was brought to court in 2020 by the founder of Apple, but the court ruled that Section 230 absolves YouTube of any responsibility despite users reporting the scammers. Also, the same crime has been taking place for years at this point, and the scams are STILL being recommended by YouTube ON THEIR HOMEPAGE.

Further, I don't know how these videos came to be suggested to me in the first place. I haven't used YouTube to search for things like Bitcoin; Tesla; Crypto; Elon Musk; etc... so I'm extremely worried how I came to be targeted. Apparently my personal information, or details about me been compromised and used by YouTube and/or the criminals running the scheme.

My current understanding is that this is a multi-million dollar crime. Myself and others have been reporting this to YouTube, and they will not respond. I'm not sure what else can be done at this point. It's inexcusable that this is taking place. YouTube apparently has no problem flagging other content, and listing warnings or disclaimers.

I intend to do everything in my power to form a class action lawsuit on behalf of myself and the thousands of others who lost money. While I understand my culpability in this situation, YouTube's credibility is the core reason why people are falling for this. Most people have been using this platform for over a decade now, and have never loaded the page only to have this criminality placed as a top recommendation.

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How much you lose?

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.05 BTC

I'm a moron.

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Ouch. That hurts but it could be worse, some guys were leveraged to the hilt on Luna and lost everything when it crashed.

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For sure. A lesson well learned.

And yeah I was following the Luna thing for a few days.

Sounded mortifying. Any merit or new info regarding the Citadel / Blackrock involvement? Or was that some misdirection?

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I'm not sure, I feel like I got burned enough from crypto and got out. Not really paying much attention these days.

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They hacked many popular youtube channels to do this scam. I had 2 life sessions going about Tesla and Bitcoin

I think that youtube is involved here as well.

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does the word “scam” encompass all the cold money that got shot out of a cannon into this shit by law enforcement?

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The difference is USD is a scam.

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Globally, credit cards eat $100's of millions per hour in fraud. They just pay it or write it off. They make so much profit, that they can afford to pay that much to maintain an insecure system. This huge loss to society is only growing each year.