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2019 has been such a great movie so far. I wonder what will happen next. Any one else smell a major false flag?

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Ahh yes. Also, little later down the road - 3/22/23 skull and bones day.

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Had to look that up. 322.

I'm marking that one on my calendar.

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QUOTE: "And now Kappy has been found dead after apparently pushing himself off a bridge and into the path of an oncoming truck,"

LOL, yeah, he pushed himself.........

I know someone who ran in those circles(I knew them later in life, through contracting). There's a lot of bad stuff that goes on with all of those entertainment groups(acting, sports, musicians).

They make their master's enough money, that horrendous crimes are simply paid to go away; yet it's common knowledge to so many, and they say nothing.


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Greg Carlwood posted this yesterday concerning the death of Tracy Twyman. She had recorded a video for a few friends, and it was released after her death. The video mentions THC and a friend of Carlwood's and this is his response to it.

She was supposedly in touch with Kappy because they both were investigating some of the same things.

Here is a link to some info on her, and some of the things she and Kappy were working on. It also links the video THC responds to (I didn't want to post it directly because I haven't watched it, and Carlwood was pretty shook up about it and her death). No mention of how she died in the little searching I've done.

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Thank you for the links and information. I am listening to Carlwood right now. I haven't heard of her before.

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Isacc Kappy was a shill from the start. I don't know if he's dead but his goal was to generate libels that were picked up by national news to push for censorship. He often went on Life the veils show (Mr. Cat Tower) who is a known shill. His father works for the EPA, the UN and had NASA connections. His son spews that thr earth is flat and the Mandela effect is real. Bunch of dumb psyops.