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None of the people on that list are a surprise. Most/all of them are dodgy as fuck but why are so many politicians and socialites from all sides are missing? Why are dems, reps, libs, British Politicians, Wall street, bankers, and the royals involved in an international sex trafficking scandal (cough..cough Prince Andrew and members of the British parliament, European Upper classes, disgusting Brussel, perverted Saudi/Arab royalty) are missing from this list? It goes way deeper...and will shake our systems if the truth will ever come out.-Got some 'news' for you-it will never come out.

What about the (former) underaged kid witnesses, journalists and people that investigated that pit of shit just disappearing, or any person 'accused' not getting investigated or arrested?! The biggest political scandals (sexring Westminster, Torture house in Brussels-the home of European Politicians (would love to interview some prostitutes, call girls and child prostitutes from this fucked up'd, ugly city) with European elites involved, American politicians from both corners being besties with a child rapist, pedo trafficker just disappearing?

Epstein is just a tiny scratch at the top of a mountain. Do you remember the Belgium pervert that raped, kidnapped, murdered and sacrificed children. His infamous torture chamber? I remember his story and reading that he was well connected to the Belgian and European Elites years ago. They were all part of a sex ring, involving the richest, aristocrats, politicians and fucks from Brussel- raping, torturing and murdering children.

I'm disgusted that pedos, the most disgusting people on planet earth have/had a place on SaidIt and dominated our front page several days ago..I know what SaidIt is all about but can't tolerate sick fucks discussing their perversions and fantasies about the most vulnerable -a group we all used to belong to (innocent babies and kids) on this site. Don't get me started with zoophilist (Sp?). Ever saw the collapsed anus of a cat, a goat, or a baby that survived being raped by grown ass men and wasn't able to walk at 4 years old at (that time) because they did too much physical damage to her??

I'm all for free speech but I see SaidIt going down that rabbit hole and getting closer to 4/7/8 chan and voat retards, in the name of 'Mu free peach!'. A harbor for 'people' that should be purged from the face of the earth. I don't mind discussing pedophilia and letting them talk. I love Kevin Bacon for taking the risk as an established Hollywood actor making a great, underrated movie that is from the viewpoint of a pedophile man. He offers the gen pop a different view of men that 'suffer' from pedophilia, 'The Woodsman'- I'd also look up Club 13/7 or 9 whatever their name is, and got to learn about their arguments. Still far away from harboring human dreck and letting them have their own subs on here were they can 'normalize' their sick views, make friends and make contacts to exchange their perverted porn. Only my opinion and 2 cents. I don't expect you to agree with me and this is one of the reasons what makes SaidIt great.

But let's get back on track: That Belgium guy and his pedo sex ring was linked to a place that is famous for being outed to cater to a perverted Elite cult... I'll stop now, this thread is not about conspiracies or other related topics. I'm not tripping and often dismiss so called conspiracies, but this was one of the strongest case of our elites being linked to a degenerate cult.

Epstein's powerful friends made it all go away or paid him for not coming forward and spilling the beans all those years. He might commit 'suicide' in prison with a bullet to the back of his head now that the general public is finally in the know.

We will never know about the depths and his links to this worldwide cult, the media won't look any further. What happened to the Belgium torture estate that was/is connected to the elites? What happened to the British Government sex scandal involving Westminster and the story went nowhere? What happened to the 'fake' news involving Clinton, Trump, Price Phillip and Saudi royalty and the story went nowhere. What happened to the brave men and women daring to investigate and report? Are those people still amongst us?

Trust me, Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg and he will take the fall.

My prediction: Epstein will take the fall and won't talk or will get suicided. He's got too much shit on all of them. Follow the links and connect the dots and you will be in a rabbit hole that wants you to commit suicide for the horrors you have to face. Those bastards will continue their business as usual after they are done with Epstein.

u/FormosaOolong you might be interested in this post and I know that your 2 Cents will be more literate than me 'gibberish', speaking of pyramid, and have more potential to add to the discussion.

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My, you're long-winded.

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Yes, I am. I am trying to change it. From bullshiting to straight. Btw is 'By,....' a thing now?

I've always been like this, long winded and a person of many words...Part of my personality that is difficult to change but I'm trying.

Saidit is great to keep me in check-with The Pyramid system and people like you calling me out for it, and me not feeling too bad or intimidated that I would stop posting at all and trying to explain and justify myself over and over again. Long doesn't mean quality. I have already deleted a post of mine in this thread because it was too much gibberish and...fuck, I'm doing it again...

What are your thoughts about Ep being finally arrested? And the conspiracies?

Edited and deleted parts of my post for too much bullshit and irrelevant stuff.

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Your post went off the tracks when you brought in the 5th grade anecdote. Stick to the subject and avoid pulling in information that doesn't pertain to it.

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I know that going off the tracks wasn't a good idea.

I appreciate your input and trying to do better in the future.