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I feel bad for her. But I’m also grinning ear to ear. They want to turn the US into Russia. Authoritarian.

And that bitch was one of the people who would speak out against America. Rot in a country that does freedom right. Bitch.

USA is the land of the free, and home of the brave.

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Technically, most Americans speak out against America, aside from the people who participate in government pedo rings.

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Kamala and Putin are the same. She has no moral high ground to condemn him.

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Kamala wishes she was Putin. They are not the same. Putin has “most likely” killed people. He’s a permanent dictator or leader. He is worth an insane amount. And is very powerful.

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She has blood on her hands as well. She and him will end up in the same level of hell.

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I agree

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While Kamala technically didn't do the killing herself, the human fetuses and babies she eats for breakfast, obtained by Planned Parenthood, are likely higher than Putin's kill count.

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Actually, I can respect Putin. He gets shit done, and he stands for what he believes in. Not saying he's a good person, but definitely respectable. Whereas Kamala is incompetent, smoked weed while locking people up for smoking it, has a shrill annoying laugh and talks down to people. She has no morals.

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That's what I'm saying. She's not competent to run a 7/11, and Putin is a well qualified spymaster. Respect where it's due, even to the bad guy. But in the case of Ukraine right now, the US are the bad guys - we started this mess, so we'd end up in this mess.

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8 years ago I was against Putin. I hated him with a passion. Now, I sympathise with him more than I do with most other world leaders.

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Ain't that some shit? On a spinning globe, it's anyone's guess where we might end up.

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I learned. I saw the other side. Then I remembered who was responsible for the Iraq War. More questioning began.

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Swap prisoners? HELL NO!!!!! Keep that sub-human as far away from the USA as possible. Make every effort to send as many more of that ilk as far away as possible. Include traitor filth such as Soros and Pelosi and others.

The Founding Fathers would approve of a national cleansing to rid ourselves of traitorous vermin that are chipping away at the Constitution and assisting the degenerate vile evil scum New World Order elites with forcing their sickness upon the USA and all Western countries.

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She’s a human. Not sub human. They are just stupid and prone to violence. And contribute nothing to society. But not sub human. Still human.

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Founding Fathers were a part of the occult.

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Oh.... well she's a radical leftist Democrat so she's permitted to evolve instead of flip-flop. She's banking on something that Jonathan Gruber spoke of.

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Oh.... well she's a radical leftist Democrat so she's permitted to evolve instead of flip-flop. She's banking on something that Jonathan Gruber spoke of.

She is an establishment democrat, and not at all radical. Radical democrats don't lock up thousands of people for marijuana, they let accused murderers out without any bail. Radical democrats support universal healthcare, and universal basic income, which Harris does not. Harris just supports whatever her corporate donors pay her to support, and these are establishment politics, not radical leftism. Radicals of any ideology don't flip flop all over the place like a dead fish taking every position imaginable, they tend to be pretty consistent about their ideologies. Kamala is happy to lock people up for nothing, and also happy to let all the criminals out without bail, she will literally support anything, and I doubt she has any ideology at all except a lust for power

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When establishment politics and politicians adopt radical positions then I submit that the establishment itself is radicalized and its membership in fact are radicals, notwithstanding the policies they've endorsed in the past.

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Locked up thousands for the same charge but this one's (d)ifferent.