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Enough money that the entire scientific publishing industry is corrupt AF. The editor of the Lancet has said half of all medical conclusions cannot be backed up by scientific data - yet they print it anyway, and call it "settled science". It's a cult.

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This so glaring, it's astounding that people can't see it.

Now, if you make an Amazon show about this very concept in the terms of opiods, well then you get tons of normie armchair experts that STILL CAN'T DRAW THE PARALLELS TO THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.

It's sad really.

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The thing that I hope people wake up to is that the vaccine problem is just as big and bad as the opioid problem. You can't get addicted to vaccines, but they want to make so many boosters you may as well be. We left CA before covid, because we knew they weren't going to stop at forcing vaccines and removing exemptions - they were going to come after adults next, threatening our livelihoods if we don't all comply and get jabbed.

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Nobody else is going to pay them. This is not a scandal. The scandal in science and medicine is caused by government cartelization of the trade and education through nonsense like accreditation and the AMA.