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I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. One of the dogs we had was a beagle rescued from an animal testing facility that worked with local universities. I don't know what exactly they were doing to her, but she was clearly traumatized.

She was great with other dogs, sweet and playful and happy, but if a human came anywhere near her - she would immediately freeze up. No aggression or anything, just a total shutdown. If you picked her up, she would go limp and just dangle in your arms.

It was profoundly heartbreaking. Thankfully, she was adopted by a good family and I was told they made a lot of progress with her. A happy ending for this particular dog, but I can't help but wonder about all the other animals from that facilty that didn't get rescued...

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Usually, animals from testing facilities never leave the facilities alive. If they don't die from testing, they euthanize them.

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Do you think it's worth it? Do humans deserve scientific advancements or a better quality of life or whatever if we can't achieve those things without being evil?

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I don't think it's necessarily deserved, but it's not as simple as just research animals.... our food supply is an animal holocaust.

I don't think we should stop, we are not preventing these animals from having a wonderful life in nature. There aren't many wild cows for instance. Unwanted pet are euthanized. A lot. Not every pet would otherwise have a home.

I believe we should keep standards for the care and quality of life of all animals, and to make their sacrifice as humane as possible. That's a moral obligation.

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I'm not sure how to properly express this idea, but I have this metaphysical feeling that the way we treat nature is the root cause behind all the insanity we're currently witnessing in the world.

Like, nature is our baseline and the more we stray away from it with technology and modernity and globalism, the more corrupted our 'souls' will become.

Eating meat is natural, for example, but factory farming isn't. It's an animal holocaust, like you said. I feel like humans were never meant to know how to build things like factory farms.

Like we crossed a line and now we're being punished by our own collective unconcious conscience. Society forces all of us to commit small evils every day, from the moment we're born, basically.

And we don't know how to cope because it's so unprecedented. There's never been anything like this in nature, and nature is our default means of comparison.

Does that make sense? Or am I just schizo?

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Does that make sense? Or am I just schizo?

I don't think it's schizo, I was thinking of the numerous human and animal sacrifices to dieties. If there ever was something to that, who the hell are these animals being sacrificed in the name of? Even if it's just some collective metaphysical manifestation of ourselves.

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I've never thought of that...

Very interesting. Thank you.