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Coming from CNN that's rich.

Buy a squiggly light bulb, consume smartly, etc etc etc

How about stop the consumerism, propaganda, the polluting war machine, etc.?

How about the government release all the secreted patents (stolen for national security) that offer better alternatives to toxic pollutants?

How about embracing Earthships rather than the lifeless subdivisions of nightmares?

How about too many other things to list...

Journalistic malpractice indeed.

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the military is also a major polluter. but its untouchable.

beached whales are usually trying to escape sonar, its too painful for them. :-(

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Both parties.

The consumers should limit their consuming habit and the corporations should use alternative energy sources and think how to be eco-friendly.

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Nobody is, climate change is a natural cycle, we didn't cause it and we can't stop it.