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I was with this guy all the way until this last bit. Oh boy.

What we deserve is to be led by wise elders (and who possibly have made a vow of poverty), a kind of Jedi council of people chosen for their willingness to self-sacrifice, for their commitment to be of service to others and above all, for walking their talk.

I hate to “as a [blah blah person]” but I’m a fucking native North American. Wise Elders are our shit, we’ve been trying to tell y’all, no one gave a single fuck. This shit makes me IRATE. This guy, omg it was all good, but saying we need some group of Elders who care about their people LIKE A FUCKING JEDI COUNCIL. Jedi. Like that’s the only shit to compare it to?? For real? A single tear just rolled down my cheek, he said fucking Jedi council, dude.

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Lots of smug liberals don't actually believe in democracy and believe rights and benefits should be handed down to the little people by their superior betters.

As such they are really a highly regressive right wing group of people.

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Absolutely, but I hate when our ways are compared to fictional characters, as if we’re not still living that way. If I were him, which I could never be because I never liked cocaine that much, I would have driven home the point that the WEF is the same type, if not the same exact families, who manifest destiny’d our ways in the first place. And in those obviously forgotten ways, we can ditch their bullshit.

We still have councils, they “let” us have them, but half the time there’s fighting because one or more members are being paid by WEF type “special-interest” groups, or at the very least, being fed their propaganda.

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Yeah I agree. But look at his career before he wrote this lol, can you really be surprised he still thinks that way? I'm glad he at least had the balls to write the article, because I bet most people in his position would be afraid to write an article like that

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For sure, he straight called them greedy children. I wonder what his proximity to power is like now...

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That's what Aristotle said, too.

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Kind of an interesting look in to the psychology of the WEF meetings.

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getting a high from being at a place. Reminds me of jerusalem syndrome. Helps explain why religion is a thing.