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The terrible thing is most of her books have had similar mistakes (or lies) but people ignored them for decades because the overall message confirmed their biases.

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Well written, chock-full of witticisms... "The mass media is just a platform for the left-wing grift-o-sphere."

(Naomi Wolf's) "advisor or the thesis review committee that eventually granted her a title based on this pile of nonsense... just rubber stamped the work, because the subject matter fit their agenda." (which reaffirms the Left is motivated strictly by ends, ANY means to those will do, but I (Marginotions) disagree they are "operating in a system that has no ethics", they do have an ethic, but it's contrary to standard ethics as understood by western culture, unless maybe you want to include the Machiavellian as a standard)

"One reason the people in charge are unmoved by public outrage is they have no conscience." (ie, no ethics)

"the Left is just a carnival of nonsense sold by carnies to the true believers (of 'woke') looking for grace.

Today's Leftward current finds US with a "blossoming of grifters, like the sudden appearance of mold on an old piece of food.