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Definitely food for thought.

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excellent article and thought

I believe my work on steemit and reddit and saidit confonts this issue, and I am someone who has actually encountered the (so far) soft hand of those who resist the parasitism.

This article is an excellent summary of what is really going on, which I have found in few places, and it does well to reference Matt Taibi's description of the vampire squid.

The journalist in cyprus(right?) who was car bombed experienced the true nature of these forces.

It is, ultimately, the most blatant contradiction of capitalism that it is a system that claims to reward the most valuable people with the most resources, but if one actually studies the lives of those who live at the top of the pyramid, they are more often than not, parasites.

And if not the first generation of those who aquired wealth, then the rate or parasitism increases with each generation as evidenced by the sitting american president.

Then you get late stage empire where there are 5 idle heirs for every 3 capable workers, and the entire currency and thus civilization collapses.

The united states nears this point, where to keep the idle heirs satisfied they actually need to pay only a starving wage and keep the workers desperate to the point of near insanity, the level of conflict to a fevered pitch to distract from the obvious nature of the parasitic system.

i left the united states because i have no desire to build a life under the leaning tower of pisa.