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"Anyuta was poisoned with kinder! Strange doctor heals and injects in the ass!" Is the translated title here. One of those strange videos on Youtube from Elsagate.

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What is elsagate. Is that the thing H3H3 talked about a while ago?

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Haven't seen that video yet - thanks for the link!

Yeah, seems he is talking about the same thing as I've posted. I've been following it loosely, but seems someone or something is manipulating YouTube, though I don't adhere to the narrative on reddit.

Personally, I think that YouTube has been slashing payouts for content creators, especially those that they either don't want on their YouTube red platform, or those that won't come on board, or conform to the wants of YouTube. The creators, especially those with the capital to invest, are creating these series of videos as either 'punishment' or to farm views in a particular way so as to skew the results of YouTube's algorithms.

There are multiple narratives one can follow - The obvious Russian title would lead someone who doesn't examine the videos to think it is Russian posting. Others believe that this is to incite a particular level of trauma in children who sit on YouTube without parental observance. Still others see the rise of this issue as connected to pedogate, or the Hollywood sexual abuse scandals. Hell, it could be a proof of concept for a larger roll out of something more sinister, think about all the small false flags that our government has committed leading up to larger, more noticeable events/

It's interesting, I'm not big on digging through youtube for conspiracies since the Alphabet Inc. owns it, and have been willing participants in field exercises for the Alphabet Agencies, however the video you shared corroborates my theory.

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This is some disgusting looking shit, wish youtube would take some kinda action

but all the money we would lose!

yeah, ok, dicks

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I think they actually did just come out with a statement today they were going to address it, finally.

I think the story finally got big enough they had to do something about it.