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(Edit) Many of his guests are used to public speaking in academia, or otherwise. Many of them won't likely experience the same rush of anxiety.

It could also be the fact that they take bathroom breaks to go do more blowcaine.

If you need proof that this goes on then check out the second JRE w/ Alex Jones. The one where Eddie Bravo shows up late.

It is somewhat unusual for men to go to the bathroom together; and return all jacked up. If they were sweaty and tired, then there would be cause for an alternative theory (off topic).

There can be little doubt about what's going on. This doesn't apply to 100% if cases, but more than most would expect

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Alex Jones definitely was on something, but I didn’t think it was coke because it lasted forever

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It was definitely blow. High quality, and plenty of it. ;-).

Joe, Alex, and Eddie were all blasted. Listen to Alex and Eddie get confrontational and it's obvious.

Alex likely does it on every one of his shows. That's how he gets so amped up.

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Blow and probably him being a cointelpro shill. He plays the part of a crazy paranoid person to discredit anyone else who questions the government and official narratives.

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He has on so many guests now that are either trying to sell something or propagandize you with some sort of agenda. And Joe either agrees with them, or pretends to play stupid.