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Because being off-script for hours and knowing literally millions of people are going to listen to it, is extremely exciting and super scary at the same time. Have you ever spoken in front of a crowd of a million people before? I have done some long-form interview podcasts where only 20k people listened and it was a crazy adrenaline rush in the hours and minutes beforehand. It's like people's one chance to really be heard in depth by a huge audience, which is something most of these people have been waiting and preparing their entire life for. So it naturally releases chemicals in the brain that mimic amphetamine behavior. That's my theory.

And yes, I agree Rogan is basically controlled opposition at this point. Same with Alex Jones. They control the edges of the overton window, what the public feels "allowed" to discuss by social convention

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When you spoke with Greg I was very impressed with how you handled yourself and what you had to say. So much so that I've been following you from antiexttemes (where we shared vaporwave tracks) to here. Never pondered how speaking in front of a faceless crowd would be so intense but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight.

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Thanks! Glad I could offer some insight. I'm happy to hear you're such a long-time part of this community, that's awesome. Your account is 11 months old, that's a very old account in the world of saidit, haha