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Yep. Textbook examples of this bullshit, bro.

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It is so hard for people to believe even when you had people like UK Critical Thinker and Sane Progressive among others exposing these events as drills without actually claiming they were. Those two were markedly objective and simply followed the narratives of the media and the court and police reports, illustrating that, disregarding the duping delight crisis actors, the stories and narratives make zero sense.

I mean, yeah, If you want to believe someone can be shot through the brain stem, not have a bandage on and then conduct a CNN interview the day of or someone who was shot 4 times in the chest and stomach, to be out of the alleged local hospital (that they do not name) the day of, doing interviews on CNN the next day, yeah sure, you can believe it, but it is bullshit and really stupid bullshit at that.

But people are really dumb and would rather believe the impossible if it means they don't have to accept that the media lies to them endlessly on a massive scale. I think what Trump has done for the once many critical thinkers is engender a sort of credibiltiy to the media for one bias in place of a partisan line for the other. Effectively he has been the best at putting people back to sleep.

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The institutionalized education system is designed to eliminate the possibility of independent thought and analysis by the majority of people.

Most people no longer trust their own judgment, and depends on "authority figures" to tell them what/how to think.

I've started looking into how the system is designed to work, so I can try to present info in a way that bypasses the programming. That's why I've recently posted some John Taylor Gatto and another school related

I suspect that the more "educated" (indoctrinated) a person is the more difficult it is to get them to think/see clearly, which is counterintuitive. This seems to be the case, though.

Also, people who lean toward the right seem to think more clearly, as they probably distrust "authority" more than the left. This was also a surprise to me. Trump may be an exception, but I'm not certain.