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He cites a list of false flags and fictions in the history of US wars: Fort Sumter, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin for Christ's sake. If Israel wants to make war on Iran let the IDF do it. No more wars for israel.

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...the IDF

The "IDF" is a right-wing deathsquad with tanks and aircraft. Their idea of "combat" is conducting armed airshows over open-air prisons, with a side-order of sniping:
1. Girls
2. Paraplegics
3. Reporters

They can't project power without help from their US Golem, and the first non-Arab opponent they engaged on their own, would finish them off in a week. (Hint: Persians aren't Arab).

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• "If Israel wants to make war on Iran let the IDF do it" Amen!