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Probably not, but I know who would. Letsrollforums has proof that many of the famiyl members of teh alleged passengers, some of who were dirt poor are now millionaires. They even found one who is using an aliaes and he looks exactly like the vicsim.

If we go by Operation Northwoods documents, then we know what happened to the passengers, they were not killed but carefully selected participants.

They might not have even been any passengers to begin with. What is odd, is the very low numeber of passengers allegedly in each passenger jet. I mean this operation, really only needed 200 people to participate in this deception, and it could have been compartmentalized so they didn't know what was really going on.

Here, this is a good read:

Also, Alcie Hoagland was clearly lying about her son who allegedly died on UA93. She was laughing it up on TV the day of.

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Also the planes also were found again, according to some.
It might be nice to have some more research into that. I'll check the link soon.

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What I don't like about Davidsson is her lies about Silverstein and those involved in the demolition deception of 9/11. he seems to want to cover up any Jewish involvement in the attacks. Odd, but his book is good.