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I have long suspected that THEY, as Ms Fitts says, were going to squeeze all the money possible out of the US and leave it twisting in the wind. It is just not possible to get my mind around a number like $21 trillion. James Corbett is one of the last journalists without an agenda and he deserves praise. Thanks.

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I think Corbett put out some decent documentaries and information, in fact I was an avid watcher for quite sometime, but understanding the nature of PSYOPs, I've come to believe that he's a controlled opposition ; still someone you can learn from. If not a very subtle controlled opposition, than an unintentional gatekeeper.

He lied about WW2 history, says Hitler is a Rothschild, and like ALL THE 9/11 so-called truth movement members allowed to still post on YouTube -- I'm unable to -- they ALL push that the hijacked planes hit the towers and Pentagon. That, the plane narratives were not Rabbi Dov's tankers or his connections to SPC and TriData. They continently leave out a lot of information, that I would think they would know. Cognitive infiltration at a very, very subtle level. You can still learn from them from time to time, but they do ignore many things and spread disinformation to confuse even the most astute of persons. This is at a very subtle level. Adam Green and the Jew Christopher Jon Berjneks, I'm pretty sure all three of them are Jews, featured on Green's channel multiple times, will promote the theory that Hitler was a Bolshevik, which is absurd. He then attacks the Jew Einstein for being a racist, when in fact, Einstein was staunchly against Zionism, see the subtle cognitive infiltration they are playing here?

Corbett says Hitler was a Rothschild, but anybody who does a lick of research knows that he closed down all the banks and endlessly talked about how much he despised them. Does it mean Hitler was a great guy? No. But it does illustrate that, currently, there is a war on information at the most subtle of levels.

I was also banned by Corbett or someone on his channel for asking him about the planes as drones aspect of 9/11. With the views and subscriptions he has, if he was 100% legitimate and not controlled, he would never be allowed to have this big of a channel stay up for so long.

Why would he want to cover-up the Operation Northwoods, plane PSYOP? Just like how he states all the mass shootings are real, including Pulse. Obviously, they are drills, and he knows this, yet, he still shills the official narratives or controlled opposition alternative theories. He will never expose the PSYOP. And has often ridiculed it.

Last year, he said, "does 9/11 truth really matter?" He stated that, it is the end of 9/11 truth and it "isn't relevant."

This angered me, however, he has posted several videos recently concerning 9/11. Many of them being controlled opposition witnesses like Rodriguez who is an Israeli firster.

Look up New Eastern Outlook and see what organization owns them and then pull the thread on who contributes to them and their media partners. You might find Uncle Fetzer is part of that operation too as is Corbett.

Now, if you want to look closely at someone who avoids the Zionist Question like the plague, look at Mr. Corbett. Criticism of Israel is simply criticism of a state, and Corbett the anarchist hates all states, he's opposed to the very concept. But criticism of specific Jews, Jewish power and influence, Jewish intentions, neocons, Zionism, etc. He won't touch that. Just like his apparent mentor, the Bircher G. Edward Griffin won't.

Yes, Corbett exposed Chomsky but that still doesn't negate the possibility Corbett himself is controlled. I now recall why Corbett was called out as controlled opposition and after taking a closer look it's hard to argue that he isn't. Look at this 1st video and watch them all skirt around the elephant in the room (the people pulling the strings) while they all lay blame at the USA and Soros.

View it on youtube and read the comments section if you aren't sure who they are avoiding/protecting.

There's a lot more information out their about Corbett. Learn from him but know he will leave out a lot of information. He is 100% rigjt about Assange though.

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You never cease to amaze me. Your question is right on: if Corbett is so good, why is he allowed to stay on the Internet? It is a good and revealing question that I can't answer but I'll give you some background from my experience:

The John Birch Society had a big push in Japan way back in the nineties, among foreigners living there and I expect you know that Corbett lives in Japan. A friend I worked with then was always going on about Jews, their influence on the US Gov, etc. In my innocence back then, I thought he was a very intelligent antisemite and college lecturer in history. Boy, was i wrong.

At one point my friend hooked up with some John Birchers and kept talking about them: are they left or right? what is their agenda? At that time in my life I was more interested in meeting girls but over the years all has become clearer though not perfectly clear.

I'm sure you know this but: The Zionists are playing a looong game and obviously have thought things out very well—while having a large proportion of the world's money and some of the best minds money can buy.

Would they have had the perspicasity to influence foreigners living in Japan and other countries way back then or even before? You damn right they did and they are still in the process of carrying out their game plan using Corbett and many others around the world.

Corbett is a high-level influencer and the Zionist influence goes all the way down to those people who read top-tier newspapers and actually believe what they read. They are everywhere and even when interpreting people like Corbett, we have to be on guard and think things through, as you keep explaining to me.

Off the subject but: The other day I was reading something on Wikispooks that /u/robin had written. After following it for a while I came to a phrase that bowled me over. It was something like: ...after the assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in April 1945... Do you have any thoughts on that? I have never heard that even suggested but it does not seem so unlikely.

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You never cease to amaze me. Your question is right on: if Corbett is so good, why is he allowed to stay on the Internet?

I only ask this question because I was banned from ScrewTube dozens of times and cannot even upload a video about Zionism and those involved in 9/11. The videos are banned during the upload process.

I'm unable to sign-in to any of my accounts, I just get an error message. I'm dumb for using my name on most of them, but still, clearly I was a target. And the people who post the same sort of content are banned if they get 1000 views or more.

I subscribed to 10 people whose content I loved, including the bigger supposed truth seekers, including Corbett. Those 10 people have been banned, not once, not twice, but over 25 times, three of which are on their 50th plus account. I believe UK Critical Thinker is on his 4th or 5th, but he is unable to sign in now.

So, when we watch people like Adam Green talk about Zionists and how bad they are, where does he get the money and how is he able to travel to Israel unabated? We must, then, call into question his motives.

The best agents are the ones that give you 90% truth. Adam Green in this case. He gives you a lot of truth about Zionism, but then invites on known shills as guests who say that Hitler was a Bolshevik and that Einstein was a racist and nobody should listen to what he had to say. Einstein was against Zionism, so clearly he had something to say.

These shills agendas are to distort people's perceptiosn on a very sublte level.

Yes, Corbett lives in Japan.

Would they have had the perspicasity to influence foreigners living in Japan and other countries way back then or even before? You damn right they did and they are still in the process of carrying out their game plan using Corbett and many others around the world.

Corbett is a high-level influencer and the Zionist influence goes all the way down to those people who read top-tier newspapers and actually believe what they read. They are everywhere and even when interpreting people like Corbett, we have to be on guard and think things through, as you keep explaining to me.

It becomes frustrating at first to realize that all these people are likely, controlled, it was for me. But it made me see things though a different looking glass. I was able to pinpoint subtle propaganda and disinformation that many people would simply not see, or if they did, ignore. But when you realize the vastness of propaganda techniques, and the use of perception management, all will be revealed.

Most people do not get past the 1st stage of this propaganda. You have the mainstream corporate media. They propagandize Zionism and/or Operation SIG neomarxism, or front controlled opposition narratives pretending to be against Zionism. Look at what we see today ; Trump states that the democrats are Nazis and against the Jewish people. Whilst the dems say Trump is a Nazi. You see how it works? All we have to do is go back to 9/11 and observe the media cover-up. 9/11 is the litmus test, the 2nd litmus test is exposing the real perps behind 9/11. From there we must closely observe those who purport to be members of the truth movement, because if they are agents, they cannot be obvious agents. They cannot out themselves so easily. They have to give you nearly 100% truth, lie about or ignore some things, or spread subtle disinformation. As time goes on, then they may switch narratives and lead people astray.

Alex Jones is a great example of this tactic. He claimed Zionists were behind 9/11 in 2002, but now look at him. He is clearly a Zionist who shills for Trump on a daily basis, he also hijacked the Sandy Hook investigation years after, and discredited the movement. The fake lawsuits againt him are a part of this dialectic ruse. Why can Alex Joens, David Duke (Trump Supporter), of all people, be invited on CNN, FOX and BBC to express their opinions? It is because they are controlled oppositions. Their only goal is to distract and discredit movements when they get too close to the truth.

So, the 2nd stage is understanding that the mainstream media lies to you, knowingly, or unknowingly through misinformation. Some people will then find Alex Jones as the alternative, or they will simply fall for cognitive dissonance and distract themselves with media bias in the left-right paradigm.

So, you watch Jones. You realize he is controlled opposition and an obvious Zionist plant. You then try to find other alternatives. You discover, Russel brand, a neomarxist, Fabian shill, who literally dated a Rothschild. Well clearly he's a plant.

You then fall for the lower tier con artists and lairs. Seaman, Cernovich, the alt-right National Bolshevik pundits, the duginists in the alterantive news scene. You might even be sweeped away in the Operation SIG rhetoric ; that PUTIN is a hero. These stories are spread by the drudge report, Zerohedge and guns and butter people. Of course the only goal of this narrative is for them to desensitize you ahead of the multilateral new economic order.

Lets say you get past this deception, you then find yourself questioning the narratives of 9/11 and mass shootings. Well they have alternative propaganda theories for you to choose. Just don't choose the psyop one, because that is the truth. ALL alternative media is controlled, none of them, have ever exposed PSYOP mass shootings. None of them have really talked about the true perps behind 9/11. Mintpressnews might be the only alternative news agency that exposes some of the 9/11 perps, but they shill the gun-control, real mass shooting narrative.

Corbett is the closest person to exposing this narrative. But clearly some of the conspiracy narratives he preaches are disinformation or he simply ignores the Zionist aspect of history.

After understanding Corbett might be controlled, you find good people like Uk Critical Thinker. They are people, who hide their faces, they want privacy. These people are not out for money, can not create 5 videos a day but still expose psyops and the lies on a scale far better than any of the other truth seekers do.

These are the people who are censored. These people are the targets of censorship. These are the people left out of the google search results.

I'm sure you know this but: The Zionists are playing a looong game and obviously have thought things out very well—while having a large proportion of the world's money and some of the best minds money can buy.

Yes, they are masters at propaganda and psychological operations.

Many zionists, although not the founders of antisemitism nor theosophy were advocates of antisemitism. Herzl, among other prominent Zionists stated, that antisemities must be our best friends. The goal was to scare the Jewish diaspora into fleeing to Israel, creating the Jewish enthnostate that they always wanted since the 19th century stated in mainstream scholarly text and probably pushed hundreds of years before by prominent Rabbis. It only really became a political ideology in the mid 19th century. Napoleon, who was against the traditionalists in the Catholic Church was a Freemason that advocated a Jewish homeland. So, Zionism, whether antisemitic Zionism or not, goes back a very long time.

Look at the Hasbara shills pushing antisemitism all the time. This isn't about the real history of Zionism or the Zionists who have infiltrated the executive branch of the U.S. government, no, it is about scaring Jews, all the time. That is their only goal. I have posted something in the past concerning the fact that Hamas is likely a Zionist organization and has many connections to Zionist leaders. I also, pointed out how the Iron dome is likely a fraud. There has never been footage of any Hamas rockets being hit by the Iron dome. The goal of the iron dome is to scare the Jewish people into thinking they are always being attacked.

The long game for them is infiltarating every movement and hijacking the narrative. Why do we have Zionist news stories stating that Sheldon Adelson is against Netanyahu? He's not, the stories are a farce, but likely what they are trying to do is create theatrical infighting between two Zionists to confuse people. They effectively divide the Zionsit narrative balkanizing ideologies that both favor the Zionist agenda, either overtly or covertly.

You mean the attempted assassination of FDR by Giuseppe Zangara. I have not researched it, so I could not tell you anything about it. The mainstream accoutn of FDR, is that he died from Polio, I believe.

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I just found this for now about the FDR conspiracy. It's wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt.

While accounts focus on Cermak and the other victims being random casualties of an attempt to assassinate Roosevelt, a conspiracy theory emerged sometime before 1999,[16] starting in Chicago,[17] asserting that Zangara was a hired killer working for Frank Nitti, who was the head of the Chicago Outfit crime syndicate. John William Tuohy, author of numerous books on organized crime in Chicago, after reviewing Secret Service records,[18] described in detail in a 2002 article his interpretation of how and why Cermak was the real target and the relationship of the shooting to the rampant gang violence in Chicago.[19] The theory is enhanced by numerous researchers, citing their analysis of court testimony, asserting that Cermak had directed an assassination attempt on Nitti fewer than three months earlier.[16][20]

The conspiracy theorists suggest that Zangara had been an expert marksman in the Italian Army 16 years earlier, who would presumably hit his target,[21][page needed] though sidestepping any issues about Zangara's progressive age and health issues since his time in the war, his short stature requiring him to stand on a jostled chair, his experience being with a rifle rather than with a pistol from a great distance, and his own statements regarding his target.

Raymond Moley, who interviewed Zangara, believed he was not part of any larger conspiracy, and that he had intended to kill Roosevelt.

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This is also a good read: it has to do with James and his WW1 doc.:

Here's my take on Corbett's denial, after observing and analyzing Corbett's work in this respect for more than two years, and since I posed the Jewish Question to him for Q4C a couple years ago. He's clearly not just avoiding talking about Jews for expediency purposes - censorship, offending listeners, avoiding the anti-semite label - rather it runs much deeper than that. This video, I think, is his attempt to quell the rising tide of awareness of the Jewish Problem related to Jewish/Zionist power in the US and world today, and the rising tide of awareness of his avoidance of that subject. So he does this Q4C which allows him to sort of address a couple questions on this subject, but he does so with the same kind of sophistry as he did when I posed to JQ to him back in Dec '16, and here is his response to that: /watch?v=6NuLWCHvkc8&t=3116s (That's on youtube; I have to delink it to avoid their "spam filtering") In order to really understand what he's doing there you have to read the entire question I posed and not the extremely-edited version he presents; he does not at all have to interpret my question as he says.

Some clues to this behavior can be found in the history of his worldview, which is at the heart of this documentary. One of the sources of his worldview is of course G. Edward Griffin, seemingly his mentor, and here is Ed's version on the JQ from an interview last year: /watch?v=POAPQrl0Zfk&t=696s So basically the same thing, essentially a false claim that Jews don't have an ideology, don't have Jewish ideas. So let's go deeper into Griffin's history, back 50 years when he made a documentary called The Capitalist Conspiracy, which he did as a member of the John Birch Society. Anyone who hasn't listened to this absolutely should, because you will see the roots of Corbett's WWI documentary all through it. Griffin goes into Quigley's Tragedy and Hope in detail, and credits' fellow Bircher W. Cleon Sousen's book The Naked Capitalist, which is very heavily based on Quigley's T&H; another notable Bircher book based on Quigley is Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

The basic Bircher enhancement or twist on Quigley (who disparaged what the Birchers did with his work) is claiming the heart of secret power, their take on his roundtable, is the Illuminati. An interesting moment in the film is this, where Griffin quotes a piece from Churchill: /watch?v=udWXFC2sWU8&t=2229s If you look up the actual passage being quoted it's from a piece called Bolshevism vs. Zionism and a section entitled International Jews. But Griffin has carefully edited that to erase any reference to Jews and substitutes a bracketing of the Illuminati to imply Churchill was talking about them. This is what immediately precedes what Griffin quoted: "In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new."

And he's not the only Bircher to do this, the falsifying of this quote seems to be part of JBS dogma. So what is the Corbett connection to the JBS? Well, if you do a search of his website for the JBS you only get one hit, a 2011 piece, a crashes of convenience piece on KAL 007. Bircher Larry MacDonald died in that crash, and here's where Corbett gets into that and the JBS: /watch?v=aiNVtL__XNA&t=1788s
Now, it strikes me as incredibly incurious for Corbett to muse on Griffin's possible connection to the JBS without actually doing a quick search on his past, and at least today it would only take seconds to confirm Griffin was a long-time Bircher. And only a couple years before he made that film he was employed as a speechwriter for Gen. Curtis LeMay when he ran for VP on the 3rd-party ticket with pro-war segregationist AL Gov. George Wallace; if you don't know who LeMay was consider this interpretation: /watch?v=vuP6KbIsNK4

Anyway, as far as I know that's it for the Birchers at CR, not another mention of the JBS in the last 7+ years. And yet this Quigley-Bircher history and worldview would appear to be at the heart of his own worldview and of this documentary. And it also seems to be the basis of other sources for the film, like the book Hidden History and of course the contribution of Richard Groves at TragedyandHope, another guy who treats Griffin like an elder wiseman and not the charlatan he is.

What this doesn't fully answer is Corbett and the JQ. But at the most generous it might be said that he avoids it because the foundation of his work is built upon a mainstream academic who even in the '60s probably wasn't going to talk about Jews, and the interpretation of that by a group, the JBS, who are known to be JQ avoiders or even deniers. And of course all of this foundation is from a time just before the dramatic rise in power of the Jewish/Zionist deep state faction, when the faction in greatest power was the one dating back at least to the end of WWI, what I call the WASP Rockefellerist CFR faction. That piece of the deep state is essentially what Quigley defined as the entirety of the deep state more than 50 years ago, and in that sense Corbett seems to be, like the proverbial generals, fighting the last war and losing, slavishly maintaining that definition. But that would be ignoring all of his sophistry and lies to claim that is all that's going on here, there must be more.

Oh, and i should mention that two weeks after I posed the JQ to him he cancelled my membership without a word. He's a charlatan like griffin and a lying neo-Bircher.

it`s absolutely clear that, historically speaking, the balfour declaration was THE central piece of state legislation that allowed for the creation of the state of israel: even the current lord rothschild himself admitted as much in a recent BBC interview! if james therefore relativises the declaration (and, by extension, the central influence of zionist lobby groups and zionism itself) we must ask ourselves who do we believe: james, or lord rothschild himself? above all, we must also ask: why is james choosing to downplay the zionist hand...and to whose advantage? hmmmm...

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The security state that was established in 1947 with the creation of the CIA. The security agencies then joined together with the federal reserve. And this gave it access to an infinite amount of money!

This money is put into corporations, media and politicians. The money controls now the economy, the flow of information and the law.

The flow of infinite money directly relates to economies, major crimes and wars.