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How is saidit any different? Does not the admins here have an indisputable right to remove anything without question?

We're allowed to post, it's not a right.

Also, quoting human rights when it comes to your right to say what you want on others people properties is a gross misunderstanding, would you argue that banks stifle your freedom of expression when you can't access their vaults to express whatever you want?

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I did not suggest saidit is different.

I think you are the one who misunderstands. That article 19 represents one of the reasons 80 million people died in the war. That war (WW2) was fought, according to the allies, for 4 freedoms. The first freedom being, freedom of speech. It is in respect of that fight for freedom from fascism, that article 19 was drafted. I think you should read it again and read it slowly and realise that just because that is not how things are today, does not mean that is not how it was supposed to have been and the reason it is not, is because fascists who prefer authoritarian control and censorship and have no respect for freedom of speech or those who fought for it, have taken control of social media.

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they only died to benefit the jew