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CIA are known liars. Why listen to known liars? They literally have whole programs devoted to fooling the public. Nothing that comes out of that agency is to be trusted, on any level. Not even worth the effort to glance at it. Why would I waste time reading things that are designed to fuck with my head?

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Meh, the people of the elites love to show their plans to us as a way of showing off. How many times have they used revelation of the method at this point?

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How many times have they used revelation of the method at this point?

Many less times than the number of times they've lied. Not worth listening to known liars whose goal is to trick you, imo

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I was watching one of those CIA docs on Netflix or wherever. The big one about how they drugged everyone in the 60’s. It was interesting until it turned into this weird anti drug film like from the 30’s.

There’s a purpose people think they are serving. And then there’s a purpose people are actually serving. You have to look at it from the perspective of spiral dynamics.

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Also, I get paranoid that there is some kind of spyware or whatnot when there's a download involved. Sorry this is OT, but is it possible to have an automatic flair when a link is a PDF/direct download? My browser acts like the link is dead when in actually it is downloading a PDF each time I idiotically click it.