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Forgot to mention that Israeli producer, but Gilligan did write it, so he likely is in on the predictive programming.

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He's American and clearly in on it.

Vince Gilligan.


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Many Zionists and supporters of Israel involved in the orofuction. Plus, X-files also predicted 9/11 and Arnon Milchan contributed to the Lone Gunmen and Madusa Touch, which also predicted 9/11.

Plus, if you watch the lonegun interviews ar comic con, two people are asked the-question regarding the prediction of 9/11 and it isn't Gilligan but the other two writers one of them was definitely guilty or knew something because he acted like he was hiding something.

It wasn't JUST Gilligan. There were two other writers who were asked the question regarding 9/11 prediction.

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Thank you very much for this response.


In three little sentences you say so much.

I took the time to look up the trailer for Medusa Torch, and there it was in two and a half minutes, clear as day. Seeing Richard Burtton of 1984 infamy as a lead role was no surprise.

I then looked up Arnon and even his own wikipedia page labels him an intelligence operative. This took thirty seconds. Scanning his list of 140 associated movies took thirty seconds more. And there were so many other scandalous titles.

I'm anticipating another blockbuster find with the comic con convention.

So why is this good information not circulated more readily or showcased clearly and comprehensively on one site that can be referenced? How can such rich and compelling content be so likely to be passed over? I'm thankful for the contribution but had I not made the small effort to corroborate what you wrote I would have missed so much and I think this is a more than likely scenario for many readers. How do we spread the gospel more effectively?

And is it ok to prognosticate on events that have been featured but yet to unfold, or will we just go to the loony-bin?

(Hey, I want to work in this field and have got the goods. Wanna join forces and make a career? PM me.)

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Because Zionists own and control hollywood and the US. The neocons are above the law and could care lesa if you expose them.

Look up "apocalypse" youtube channel and then 9/11 predictive programming. It is a 50 minute long video, click it, it has been deleted many times. Some might be coincidences but not all. I went through ALL of them , 92% of them are directed or connected to Zionists and Israel. Hallmark films and commercials even predicted the collape of WTC7.

It's one thing saying, oh they might all be coincidences, it's another thing to look up the producers, directors and writers of these scenes depicting 9/11 before it happened who happen to all be Zionists.

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The neocons may not care about exposure but their lackeys in office sure do. I bet that is doubly true of the red carpet crowds that don't have the immediate saving graces of executive privilege, though they probably feel quite secure in the grand scheme of things all the same. In two of the examples you provide there is a clear uncomfort when public figures (comic con writers and bush at the end of the 9-11 compilation video) are pressed on having inside knowledge. This may be as close to justice as things have gone so far, but lets not lose sight of the fact that this open challenging has a staggering effect, so that should let us know just how sensitive these matters can be and how quickly matters could devolve - and how incompetent these figureheads can be when put under pressure. There is good reason to continue these inquiries, as I see it, and we're bringing more to the table with a few decades of research under our wings

More to the subject of the video, while some of the examples of predictive programming could be seen as being a little flimsy, there are others that are clear as day and foretold decades in advance and enough of them to show a concerted and sustained effort. This may not be so surprising seeing that much of the material comes from a small list of executives overseeing the works. Is it reasonable to assume they're privy to other operations of similar scale that could be loosely related, if not essential to broader plans of equal scope? I'll give you a for-instance - in the 1990 film The Freshman there are three clear 9-11 references...

...but that is the lower limit of what they are predicting in the film. In fact, as I see it, every line has a dual meaning that speaks more to a manufactured end times or some kind of monumental transitioning of society than just a few smatterings of insider knowledge on 9-11, not to discount its importance in the transition. Maybe in a few years time, with the benefit of hindsight, as painful as it may be, we'll begin to see a whole other narrative come to light that speaks to prophecies written long before the advent of modern cinema. Maybe we'll see warnings and prognostications that should by all accounts be avoided by an aware citizenry on the defensive. You clearly see a lot. Do you have an idea of what is going on in a broader sense, or maybe a even a specific one? Do you have any interest in seeing this knowledge advance and take on greater meaning than showing mere instances of insider knowledge without the context that underscores its true importance? Would you be interested in weaving this information into the narrative of our time, from a people's perspective?

I've got the goods and with a team we can go further together than any of us could do by ourselves.

Think about it and reach out.

treesandseeds at protonmail dot com

I'm Mid-Atlantic with a nice working space, at the moment.

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At what point do either appear culpable? Breaking Bad is in a league of its own for how vile it is, if people only knew.

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Well, breaking bad doesn't show predictive programming, no? Whatever the case is, the two Jews behavior who were asked the question regarding the prediction of 9/11 totally gave away that they new something they were not suppose to. It's on youtube and corbett report wrote an article about it awhile back.

The point is, we know who did 9/11. It was a 5th column in the US, who slithered their selves into the executive and judicial branch, all they needed to do was blackmail congress with anthrax to get the desired policy decisions.

I'll give you a hint:

  • PNAC

  • DPG

  • Catastrophic Terrorism: As a National Policy

  • Likud parties - Securing the Realm Doc. and the authors who wrote it for Netanyahu then came to the US to infiltrate tje government ; and introduce their global agenda.

  • Neoconservatives (really neotrotskyite communists)

  • Zionists, Jew or not who were close to the ONAC authors, many were film producers and media personal that magically predicted 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks.

  • Mossad

  • 5th column in FBI and intelligence agency

  • CIA

Who ordered the NORAD exercises? It is clear most of our government was ny ready for this event and air traffic co trollers and the military were confused. So, who did it?

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It seems obvious who did it and who knew about it from the inside. And it should intimidate me more than it bothers, but it hardly does even that at this point. I want to take this subject on in a principled way and I want to start the work now with people that are passionate and talented. We could be developing more intriguing and engaging conspiracy theory that draws out broader plans. We could be making a more compelling case for taking this information seriously, then position that knowledge in the public as a catalyst for thinking and change rather than offering the bits and pieces that point to conspiracy but teach us nothing about its backstage developments, how to confront these radical displays of brutishness, or how to move forward with all this in a practical way. Ultimately, this information is a unique piece of our history and the closest most will ever hear or see of the true motivations of the elite and how they portray them to the world. Making sense of predictive programming potentially unlocks future calamities before they develop. In the case of 9-11, these could have been warning signs rather than taunts. For the rest of the narratives that are still in limbo, what we do now could have historical consequence depending on if we choose to take them seriously or not. I tend to think that The Feshman makes clear what they're next sets of plans are and how they'll develop. If social order is the name of the game and 9-11 was only the opening act, it would seem to me that its either time to run or intellectually hunker down.

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What is your understanding of the relationship between Zionism (both Christan and Jewish) and the deep state?

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Its not an interest of mine past knowing that its widely perceived as the driving force behind foreign policy and even some domestic affairs. But the term is loaded and I don't see it as a valuable way of looking into influence, which is what you're talking about, I hope.

Separate from organized interest is the idea that some wacko religious fundamentalists are working deep within the state and I think that is horribly messed up. Mormons are thought to be particularly useful for some deep state positions for their culture's psychological and hierarchical makeup and that seems to show that some unique personality types are specifically sought within the power structure. Until these heathens in the deep state show some virtue I don't trust them or their purposes and find it especially troubling when they invoke divine right.

Power to the people.

You want to talk about propaganda?

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Sure. Any examples of recent propaganda?

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I'm looking froward to El Camino, the new hit spin-off of AMC's Breaking Bad but will have to hold judgement until its out. Vince Gilligan has been a state propagandist for his career, most notably for his Lone Gunman pilot episode that happened to precisely foretell 9-11 and even give the motivations as to why. Breaking Bad is little different except it glorifies a real agent - which is a major point that I was trying to get across with the AMA I linked to. You should give it a read and see if it peaks your curiosity.