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Soha! Thank you for this most excellent post. Focusing on solutions is key to overcoming the increasingly problematic indoctrination into Unreality that all are subjected to.

It is our birthright to exist as the essential peace and power that we truly are.

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I'd like to add my two cents that the 5 1/2 billion year old world we share doesn't care what we do. It'll be here until the sun expands and swallows it up. What we commonly work for is a better civilization. "A better world" is an old cliche that really only means that "I want things to go my way". Improving human civilization world wide should be the real goal and what we tell others.

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Well indeed that was exactly my point (which I think can be seen from the context of the whole post) - I simply used the word world, instead of civilization.

However our actions do not impact our species alone. The Earth itself will survive us, no matter what happens, but the millions of animal and plant species on this planet are well in our grasp to help protect or destroy - and we are now far more on the side of destroying them and their natural habitat.

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To do any of these things one has to have hope that the effort is worth it, and who has hope nowadays?

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It does not really require hope, it simply requires an inner desire to make the world better, as well as yourself.

Most of what I've written touches on both the individual and collective level. Even if the world goes to hell and all is lost, at least attempting to make it better, as well as attempting individual improvement, will make your life happier and more fulfilling as a result.

You don't even need to believe the world will be saved to do these things - simply contributing to your own growth and that of the world will give a more meaningful life and will touch others with your example and action.

That is at least my experience - and in my opinion acting in this manner is worth the effort.