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Hey, psst, don't tell the Church, but ehm, I might have something of interest to you:

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I really like one phrase you said "practicing active imagination" I love letting my imagination run, also!

There's a great quote about how "an educated mind can entertain a thought without accepting it" (Aristotle) which is so true, its fun to think about outlandish things. It's fun to see where the limits are.

I want to know what is true for me.

My current philosophy is that we live among layers of space that we cannot perceive with our human senses (and barely with our electronic senses because we don't operate on that frequency) and there can be an overlap, an interaction, they can affect us, and we can have an affect in that realm (which is why there was increased ufo activity around nuclear bomb tests, which is extremely fascinating to me!)
I'm rambling, but I definitely don't need modern religion to be my full spiritual self, I say daily thanks to the infinite layers of creation around me, in plant and animal form, in the winds and the seasons... I can't believe it's September already. Peace!

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Until we get rid of religion, we won't be able to conduct the search for God. — Arthur C. Clarke

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This is called sīlabbata-parāmāsa

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That took me on a great search-engine fueled journey, thank you.

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All three religions are zionist