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Guard your heart for it can easily be deceived.

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I think constant insight and thinking about problems is important in order to have a healthy life. I think you might appreciate this quote from Jung.

If I remember correctly, it was part of a letter that was written to a friend of his, but it sums up a lot of his themes pretty well. Jung thought that studying the psychological archetypes was very important in order to reach a deeper insight about yourself and life.

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I'm thinking about the (possibly satirical) concept that in writing fiction, there are only 32 plots:

If I understand this quote correctly together with your comment, I would expect to find that my inner motivations and thought processes are parallel to archetypal patterns of behaviour and thought?

Guess I'm thick, it's too vague for me to take in. I imagine Carl Jung knew what he meant; perhaps the friend to whom he wrote knew. I find it abstruse, not that I think it's wrong, but how shall I apply this?