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Well there's been a lot of cases involving the products of Monsanto not being safe and all that. I think this article touches how it seeks to manipulate its public image by working with PR firms and such.

The article talks about the way Bayer/Monsanto seeking to manipulate information by working with other companies like google and PR firms in order to intimidate journalists that try to oppose it.

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I thought it was common knowledge that all majors companies do this.

Not that it doesn’t bear repeating.

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Right. Google is an advertising company after all. Companies pay them to alter search results.

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I mean, even an individual has a fair number of recourses to have altered search results in which they appear. I've done it myself.

The issue is that (a) dumb people trust google too much and (b) google has too much of an advantage with which to manipulate results to their own pleasing and (c) google being a private company does not disclose any of these things.

My (weirdly libertarian) GF used to insist all the time that google and social media should be regulated like a public utility, which I think would be the "easy" way out that only caused more problems but...