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I think a lot of the things we take for granted in society are made to harm us. This documentary from Adam Curtis is about the way consumer/capitalist society was created by Eddie Bernays using the brainwashing techniques he took from his uncle Freud.

Basically people didn't need to buy products outside of satisfying their own basic needs, but companies working with publicity agents like Bernays created the modern consumer/capitalist environment we are all familiar with in order to make people more interested in their products, basically creating modern society. It's interesting because it touches the way people are conditioned using propaganda in order to change their minds.

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Radio adaptation and related material:

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Awesome documentary, but be aware that the maker of this documentary is controlled. His newer documentaries are filled with propaganda and half-truths.

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I haven't seen his stuffs in a while. If what you say is true then that's a shame, he had some really awesome material...

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Hypernormalization is his newer doc.

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I thought hypernormalization was outstanding but looking back knowing what I know now I guess he did withhold a LOT.

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Still, it was three hours of brilliance, imo.

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Apart from the cool music and editing, it's a lot of propaganda and probably, intentional omissions.

Anyone who pushes the offical 9/11 narrative is controlled. 9/11 is the Litmus test. Which means that nearly everyone in media and in the faux alternative scene is either controlled or partly controlled to withold information.

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He did a scene in Hypernormalization about fear before crisis. In this case 9/11. That the media and hollywood created films depicting the events that were to transpire. Problem is Curtis chose the worst examples, most likely on purpose.

It's no different than Alex Cointepro Jones. Who, when I had a YouTube account before it was banned, took specific parts from my Biden video concerning his innapropriate behavior with underage girls ; even touching their private parts.

Well he chose the worst parts and cut out all the most telling parts. He then deduced from these intentionally poorly picked examples that Joe Biden is a rapist and rapes kids. This was simply to discredit the narrative and divide.

See how it works.

Curtis, chooses intentional ambiguity. That's why he works for the BBC.

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I have not seen evidence that Curtis is controlled, although as BBC one would expect it. points out that although "The Power of Nightmares" was good on the war on terror, it doesn't touch the reality of 9-11.